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Author Archives: Marcus

California Duck Hunting – New season in session

Finally, I get some time to hunt something in motion in the air AND at multiple targets. Other than hunting pheasants on Jeju Island or going pig hunting, it’s been long while since I’ve gone hunting and harvested some meat! Better late than never – living with no regrets now. Time to go after these … Continue reading »

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The year in review: 2019

I feel as if this was year, of 2019, was most characterized by a lot of traveling but also more heavily punctuated by the following highlights. Scuba diving in these locations: Canary Islands, Spain – First time going to these islands. Azores, Portugal – First time going to out to the islands in the middle … Continue reading »

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San Francisco 49ers vs Atlanta Falcons – American Football Game

If people are not into the fishing experience that is available in the Bay Area, then watching an American football game can be quite an experience especially if you’re used to real football known, not soccer. American football is basically a religion in certain parts in the United States that some people say that it … Continue reading »

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Going for that elusive Sturgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area

This is a fish that is not easy to catch: Sturgeon. I tried a few times in the SF Bay Area as well as once in the Czech Republic but I generally only caught other fish species. So to go after this rare, hard-to-catch prehistoric-looking fish was going to be a challenge. Their numbers are … Continue reading »

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Washington Capitals vs San Jose Sharks – watch the visiting team, not the home team play

Just like the last time that I went to a NHL hockey game, particularly a San Jose Sharks game, I went to go see the other team play. In this case, I went to go see the visiting Washington Capitals who happen to be in first place in their division and have a future Hall … Continue reading »

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