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Author Archives: Marcus

Can a big fish in England take my hook for once? I’ve forgotten what it feels like.

Like last year’s fishing rod going off like a machine-gun full of trout being hooked up when my guide and I were basically on fire (fish-fire really!) in springtime, I decided to go back to England to try my luck of hooking and landing lots and lots of fish again since I couldn’t fish in … Continue reading »

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In the Balearic Islands – Cruising around the island of Mallorca, Spain

Like my trip to the Azores, I decided to go do both fishing and scuba diving on this trip but with one change – the two activities would be on separate days because of the amount of energy required to do so. I thought I almost burnt myself out with the amount of energy that … Continue reading »

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In the Balearic Islands – Going scuba diving in Mallorca, Spain

On this day, I was hoping that the scuba diving would be like what it was in Barcelona but possibly with more interesting things and/or wildlife to see. Well, on this day, I had no idea since you never know with diving as I’ve found out how different the diving was in nearby Barcelona, Spain … Continue reading »

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In the Balearic Islands: the island of Mallorca, Spain

I’ve been continuing the recent tradition of going to the islands of Europe as I’ve visited Malta, Iceland, United Kingdom (biggest island in Europe), Canary Islands, Azores, and now the Balearic Islands. I mean why not keep it going by going to another group of islands where I’ve never been before? Going southeast from Barcelona, … Continue reading »

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In Frankfurt, Germany for the Eintracht Frankfurt vs VfB Stuttgart football match

After winning the German Cup and then losing the German Super Cup in 2018, Eintracht Frankfurt has started to yo-yo back up in the standings in the Bundesliga as they are currently in the top 5, top 6 of the league. Thanks to the front three forwards of Luka Jovic, Ante Rebic, and Sebastien Haller, … Continue reading »

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