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Author Archives: Marcus

Waterloo, Belgium – where Napoleon lost his empire to the Duke of Wellington

If you’re in Belgium, then it makes sense to try to break out to make it out to Waterloo, the grand battle-site where Napoleon lost to Duke of Wellington. This was during Napoleon’s 100 days when he tried to reclaim the Emperor of France throne but lost to the combined allied forces who had no … Continue reading »

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Bastogne: where the Battle of the Bulge happened!

One of the most famous battle sites of World War II was Bastogne, the crossroads there that had 7 main routes which included the road leading to the northwest to the port of Antwerp and another road going into Luxembourg. The United States had joined the fight over in Europe and were making great strides … Continue reading »

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Luxembourg – the city and the cemetery

So what exactly is there to do in Luxembourg? The country hidden between Belgium, France, and Germany? Other than the usual city stroll to see the architecture and old buildings…. there is something unique to this country. The one unique thing that most people don’t know is that US Army General George Patton, the famous … Continue reading »

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Hamburg, Germany – the underrated version of Amsterdam and don’t forget the football team, Der Dino – Hamburger SV

If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, it’s full of tourists which I think some of them are just there for either sex or drugs or both. There is a reason why I never posted anything about Amsterdam – there is not much to post about. It’s just there that it’s pretty easy to travel in/out … Continue reading »

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Lots of see in Berlin, Germany, which also includes the football club: Hertha BSC

Yep, it’s Berlin – capital of Germany. A world class city and the largest city in Germany (and of the German-speaking world) with plenty to do including museums, night life, history, and of course, football! I’m going to state there are a lot of museums but I’m not really a museum guy so I skipped … Continue reading »

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