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Cuisine and Drinks

California fishing in the Pacific Ocean for Rockfish

After having fished for Rockfish and Lingcod for years and years on party drift fishing boats, I should know what I’m doing out there on the ocean. Well, I think it’s time to catch some fish! I’ve put quite a bit of my time and effort learning how to fish this style that I’m not … Continue reading »

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What to buy in Germany – Biersteins, Pewter Cups, Mezzo Mix, Fritz Cola

I’m not going to write about the hundreds, thousands of beer brands that one can find in Germany but there are two items which might make someone very interested in these drinking utensils which can enhance the drinking experience to optimum levels: biersteins (or beer steins) and pewter cups. Beer steins or biersteins, as they … Continue reading »

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In the Balearic Islands: the island of Mallorca, Spain

I’ve been continuing the recent tradition of going to the islands of Europe as I’ve visited Malta, Iceland, United Kingdom (biggest island in Europe), Canary Islands, Azores, and now the Balearic Islands. I mean why not keep it going by going to another group of islands where I’ve never been before? Going southeast from Barcelona, … Continue reading »

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Vicenza, Italy – away from the big Italian cities

I flew into Marco Polo Airport located in Venice, the famous city that requires a boat or a gondola to travel within the city, but I had no interest in going into some polluted, over-crowded city full of tourists there. Well, actually, the airport is west of the famed canal city as modernization took over … Continue reading »

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Azores – Scuba diving and Fishing in the same day!

Two of my favorite activities in the same day – a first! And both were great to do even if I didn’t see anything remarkable underwater nor if I didn’t catch anything super amazing. It was more of the strain on time and energy that makes doing both on the same day that be quite … Continue reading »

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