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Underrated Lithuania – Hill of Crosses, Trakai Castle, KGB Museum

I know I have not been diligent in writing which resulted in this website being off for quite some time. But this was due to the lack of traveling and enticing adventuring to write about on my part. However, the travel gods have struck lightning into me once again and I have started to rack … Continue reading »

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Auschwitz Prison – the haunted, tortured souls by the Nazis / Prisión Auschwitz, la más famosa de los Nazi durante la Guerra Mundial 2

One of the most interesting places to go to while in Poland has to got to be one of the most famous or infamous prisons in the world, and no it’s not Alcatraz (which is in California, not Europe) – it’s Auschwitz Prison. The place was one of many of Hilter’s so-called “Final Solution” Nazi … Continue reading »

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Marbork Castle / El Castillo de Marbork

One of the biggest, or maybe, the biggest brick castle in the world is the Marbork Castle, is in one of the most unusual places in the world to be in: Poland! Yes, Poland, a country in Central Europe that is famously sandwiched between Germany and Russia. It’s an area that has been fought countless … Continue reading »

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Forget the Arch, it’s better in St. Louis for shooting and BBQ / Olviden el arco de St. Louis. La gente debe divertirse con armas y barbacoa

Quite honestly, there’s nothing spectacular about the St. Louis Gateway Arch in my opinion. It’s just there and part of the landscape if you ask me. If you go to places like San Francisco (Golden Gate Bridge), Seattle (Space Needle), New York (Statue of Liberty), etc., they have an iconic landmark or symbol or building. … Continue reading »

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“Somebody called a whaleshark?” “Me, me, me!” / Un whaleshark, un tipo de tiburón fabuloso para ver y tomar fotos de

Well, I guess the Diving Gods didn’t tell me about the other great day that I was going to have which was swimming with Whale Sharks! It didn’t take long to spot them and jump right in the water with these non-man eating sharks. Talk about lucky! Hahaha. I know some people whose dream is … Continue reading »

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