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Outdoor activities/Working out

Hunting in Jeju Island – Yes! You can hunt Pheasants in Korea!

This is the first time that I’m on the Korean island of Jeju, a destination where many married Korean couples flock to for their honeymoon. It’s great and all being on the “Korean Hawaii” but I need to do something… more interesting than simply go sightseeing. So after stepping foot on the famous island, I’ve … Continue reading »

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While traveling, maintain your strength!

People have asked me how do I maintain my strength and ability to fish, hunt, hike, scuba dive, work out, play sports, etc. as I’m traveling? It’s not hard but it requires discipline of having a regular workout, sleep, and meal schedule. So while I was traveling in Poland, I made sure to go find … Continue reading »

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Shooting guns at the range – yes, you can shoot guns in Ukraine!

So… who’s up for some shooting? Yes, in a country that still favors a man to be a masculine man especially in the continent of Ukraine – it’s very possible to shoot guns and still be considered to be cool, awesome, and manly. And guess who got to do all this??? Me! I did! I … Continue reading »

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Anyone who lives by the ocean and says it’s boring, has not gone fishing then

I’ve actually heard of people complaining that they have nothing to do when they live by the beach… the ocean… regardless if it’s cold or hot or not. There are plenty of things to do! I go fishing and in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are tons of fish to be caught! And there … Continue reading »

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“Somebody called a whaleshark?” “Me, me, me!” / Un whaleshark, un tipo de tiburón fabuloso para ver y tomar fotos de

Well, I guess the Diving Gods didn’t tell me about the other great day that I was going to have which was swimming with Whale Sharks! It didn’t take long to spot them and jump right in the water with these non-man eating sharks. Talk about lucky! Hahaha. I know some people whose dream is … Continue reading »

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