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Wintery Lake Bled and my failure to complete an item on my bucket list for fishing in Slovenia

Alright! Another country visited – the country of Slovenia… if you don’t know where it is, the country is located east of Italy on the Adriatic sea and is also bordered to Croatia’s west flank. Once part of Yugoslavia, the country broke off like the other nations such as Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, etc. to become … Continue reading »

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The beaches of Normandy, famous World War II battlesite that sparked the USA’s big push into Europe

The beaches of Normandy, France… where thousands bled and died during the D-Day invasion during World War II. It’s now considered one of the most famous World War II battlefields that many movies, books, comics, and video games are based on this location. The D-Day invasions are quite often depicted as an important event during … Continue reading »

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Napoleon’s contributions to Paris, France, and the World

Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the most famous French leaders or perhaps of the most famous leaders of all time, put his stamp on France and on the world through his military genius and very analytical-processing mind. His ability to multi-task like a supercomputer enabled him to enact reforms within the French government which helped the … Continue reading »

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Paris – the famous Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral

Ahhh, Paris, the city of love. Or more like crowded and polluted city of disgust by the locals. No, I’m serious. I really think the locals are really sick of tourists who have no idea that they are basically barbarians in this French capital but at the same time, I don’t think the natives understand … Continue reading »

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Versailles, where French Emperors resided in luxury until the French Revolution took it all away

Versailles, the royal residence of the French Emperor and probably even considered the capital of the once powerful French Empire that imposed power throughout Europe under the the Sun King, Louis XIV, until its gradual decline in power in the late 1700s during the French Revolution. Due to the Sun King’s long reign, France was … Continue reading »

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