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Malta scuba diving day 1 – Diving in Gozo

Despite its small size, Malta can provide one of the best ways to experience via discovering its underwater treasures through scuba diving! And there is a ton of water since Malta is just a few islands surrounded by, what else? Water! So on this day of diving, I got outfitted with gear, loaded it up … Continue reading »

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Malta – European island nation in the Mediterranean Sea

Ahhh, Malta, the small island nation in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Well, actually Malta is the name of the largest island of 3 big islands (which two are only inhabited due to their size and capability to hold people). Malta also has a bunch of smaller islands or rocks as well but might … Continue reading »

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Bydgoszcz – unknown Polish city near central Poland

This is one of the few Polish cities that you don’t read about or hear about because one, no one knows where is it and two, it’s impossible to pronounce since it’s in Polish. The city has changed hands between the Polish, Polish-Lithuanians, Teutonic Knights, Prussia, Germany, and Polish/Soviets throughout its history that its German … Continue reading »

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Back in Barcelona, Spain for the FC Barcelona vs Valencia CF football match

In the past 2 months or so after watching all those other football teams in Europe such as Dortmund, Stuttgart, Augsburg, Tottenham, and Chelsea, I missed watching my favorite football team, FC Barcelona, play. I have to say that it was great to be back in Camp Nou, home of FC Barcelona. Good weather too … Continue reading »

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Fishing in the Baltic Sea from Rostock, Germany

Well, I finally found a guide to take me out fishing in Germany as if anyone has done his research, fishing in itself is a difficult activity to do in that country. There are so many rules and regulations that it’s a real difficult pain-staking thing to do. For example, unlike in other countries, Germany … Continue reading »

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