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Spanish girls! / ¡Las Españolas!

What can I speak of when talking about Spanish girls? Wow… they’re amazingly good-looking with their great bodies, faces, eyes, but best of all if you understand is their Spanish accents. It’s all great to see and hear! One of the best things about Spain is the women! And not to mention not all are … Continue reading »

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Trying to hit on a Dutch girl in Costa Rica but instead getting hit on by an older Canadian woman

Yes, I am a guy, a man. I did try to hit on a hot blonde girl from the Netherlands. She and I went to Costa Rica for the same reason: surfing. Costa Rica has some of the best waves in the world as the waves break consistently unless back home where the waves can … Continue reading »

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Final Fantasy dialog about girls and how scary they are / Cómo son asustadizas que chicas pueden ser

I was watching a friend play his PSP while we were just waiting around and he was playing Final Fantasy. Now granted that there are tons of FF games out there but I didn’t know which one this was. But when my friend started chuckling, he told me to come over and see this funny,  … Continue reading »

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My friend asked me about the Peruvian girls / ¿Cómo están las chicas peruanas?

What can I say about the Peruvian girl in Peru? Yeah, they’re pretty to look at especially since they are happy, natural, and of course, they want to have a good time in life. They are human, right? Not some animals because they live in South America and not in Europe or the US or … Continue reading »

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Yes, there is a risk with bringing a girl with you on a trip…

I was trying to sleep yesterday and then all of a sudden, I get wakened up by a quarreling couple. American, no doubt by understanding the English words being thrown around like knives at each other. I could clearly hear them, determining that this couple was either in the same apartment complex or next door. … Continue reading »

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