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Oyster Card tips (London)

If you’re going to be in London, I highly recommend getting an Oyster Card. Because London is shaped like an oyster with its suburbs and highways surrounding it, it made sense to call it that. But the real pearl of it all is that you can use the Oyster Card for all your public transportation … Continue reading »

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Lots of things to do and see on tours of Iquitos / Para divertirte el más posible en Iquitos, debes ir en tours

I don’t want to really write a lot about what I saw as I prefer to show through the pictures posted of what you can see on the tours in Iquitos. No quiero escribir mucho porque yo prefiero mostrar de mis fotos lo que he visto en mis tours en Iquitos. Las fotos pueden ser … Continue reading »

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Run fast / Corran más rápido

I watched an episode of the Living Dead and I realized that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I will out run fat people and they will succumb to the zombies. That’s why to be happier is out-run everyone else including overweight people when the zombies attack! That’s why I thank the gods that … Continue reading »

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Homeless / Personas sin hogar

Like in traveling, you must watch out for the homeless – you never know what they might do to you in desperation. In some areas like Brasil, going with a guide is the only way to go. Even in so-called cities like San Francisco, you have to be careful. Do your research before you go … Continue reading »

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Should I ever go into debt to travel? / ¿Debería ir en deuda para viajar?

The answer is a big fat easy NO! You should always have enough money to travel because it’s like holding ice cream in your hands with no cone. It’s great to eat at first but then you’re left with a mess… unless you like doing the finger-licking-style. La contesta debería ser muy facíl y será … Continue reading »

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