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Buy a scanner

Man, after having a cluster of papers being all over the place, I finally gave in and bought myself a small, portable scanner. Man, this thing is great. Instead of looking for paperwork, I can just go into my computer files and find it. Keeps everything nice and simple and easy to find stuff. I … Continue reading »

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Mule Deer antlers mounted on the wall

Instead of getting the whole head cut, caped, mounted, and taken to a taxidermist, I decided to go the economical route of just getting the antlers. My guide cut them off for me so that way I could get something to show for the Mule Deer hunt. Of course, they’re not really big but when … Continue reading »

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Violence of Black Friday – pepper spray, shootings, robbery, fights

Instead of staying out in the cold and dark like a lot of people did on the night of November 24, 2011, I went right to bed not caring about the deals that the mega-stores were having. More than anything, I wanted to go fishing out on the Pacific Ocean but instead I got a … Continue reading »

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How to buy fresh dungeness crabs from boats at Half Moon Bay, California – a better Thanksgiving dinner

Who doesn’t like eating dungeness crabs? Well… actually, there are some people, but yes, it’s currently dungeness crab season and pretty soon, there should be fishermen out on the piers teeming with crabs ready to be sold. Especially on the piers of Half Moon Bay, California. So forget that Thanksgiving Dinner of turkey – get … Continue reading »

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Absurdity of Black Friday: the reasons

I always get a kick out of Black Friday every year. It’s always that Friday after Thanksgiving where retail stores across the nation give out big deals, rebates, discounts, and/or free stuff in order to start off the official Christmas shopping season. That’s why every Friday after Thanksgiving, you can expect to drive up to … Continue reading »

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