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Life enhancement

The year in review: 2019

I feel as if this was year, of 2019, was most characterized by a lot of traveling but also more heavily punctuated by the following highlights. Scuba diving in these locations: Canary Islands, Spain – First time going to these islands. Azores, Portugal – First time going to out to the islands in the middle … Continue reading »

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While traveling, maintain your strength!

People have asked me how do I maintain my strength and ability to fish, hunt, hike, scuba dive, work out, play sports, etc. as I’m traveling? It’s not hard but it requires discipline of having a regular workout, sleep, and meal schedule. So while I was traveling in Poland, I made sure to go find … Continue reading »

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Remember someone else has it worse than you / Siempre recuerden que hay alguien que tiene lo peor que ustedes

You have to remember how grateful you are right now to be where you are at. I’ve written about this before how we are living better than kings and queens in the past since if you’re reading this than it truly is amazing as there was no electricity, no internet, and no supporting institutions to … Continue reading »

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Stop living in the past – this is not high school anymore / Paren vivir en el pasado – no ya son el tiempo de niñez

I am grateful for all the people who live in the past especially those people who thought that high school or college was the highlight of your life and continue thinking that way even graduation was many years ago. You live vicariously through the past as if it were today so you don’t move on. … Continue reading »

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Be grateful / Sean agradecidos

People must be grateful for what they have because most people are so used to a certain lifestyle that they become so accustomed to it and expect it as a new normal. Whether it’s fast food, fast service, fast delivery, and fast internet times… people complain when these neck-breaking times are not on schedule. But … Continue reading »

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