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Extreme Sports

Scuba diving in Iceland – yes! You can scuba dive in the cold waters of the Continental Divide, Silfra!

This was one of the trips that I have been waiting a long time to do. And that’s going scuba diving in Iceland. I know Iceland is cold as its name prescribes itself to, but it’s also very rewarding to go diving in just barely above freezing-temperature waters. But don’t let the cold scare you … Continue reading »

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Yes, you can scuba dive in Greece. It’s close to Athens too!

So… if you get bored of all the ancient Greek relics and architecture, you can always do what I do in term of finding fun! Yes, there are opportunities to go scuba diving in Greece! True, most of the diving is in the islands but there is a place that you can go if you … Continue reading »

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Scuba diving in Split, Croatia

So…. what is the standard operation procedure for doing something awesome? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. They just sit on their backsides to get sun-burnt to a crisp and eat and drink like a pig in heaven. That’s what I saw when I was in Split, Croatia – people chattering their feet aimlessly to look around, take … Continue reading »

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Barcelona Scuba Diving

Well, actually, it’s not in Barcelona itself but it’s in this nice little area away from the massive crowds of Barcelona, northeast of the city. And not all the tourists are in Barcelona for the FCB games sadly…. Like with changes in fishing in the UK, Barcelona has a change in animals as well, most … Continue reading »

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“Somebody called a whaleshark?” “Me, me, me!” / Un whaleshark, un tipo de tiburón fabuloso para ver y tomar fotos de

Well, I guess the Diving Gods didn’t tell me about the other great day that I was going to have which was swimming with Whale Sharks! It didn’t take long to spot them and jump right in the water with these non-man eating sharks. Talk about lucky! Hahaha. I know some people whose dream is … Continue reading »

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