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Extreme Sports

Scuba Diving in Jeju Island

While on the island of Jeju, I already knew my other goal that I had to accomplish: scuba dive and explore the underwater sea! Of course, this attitude made a lot of people turn their heads with me as if I won the billion-dollar lottery. Most people that go to Jeju are there primarily for … Continue reading »

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Hunting in Jeju Island – Yes! You can hunt Pheasants in Korea!

This is the first time that I’m on the Korean island of Jeju, a destination where many married Korean couples flock to for their honeymoon. It’s great and all being on the “Korean Hawaii” but I need to do something… more interesting than simply go sightseeing. So after stepping foot on the famous island, I’ve … Continue reading »

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Scuba diving in Funchal, Portugal

One of the great things about being out this far out in the Atlantic Ocean is that you are completely surrounded by water. Sure, there might be a few islands, a few rocks, birds, fish, but you are far away from the mainland. Good thing we have advanced technology compared to what the people in … Continue reading »

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In the Balearic Islands – Going scuba diving in Mallorca, Spain

On this day, I was hoping that the scuba diving would be like what it was in Barcelona but possibly with more interesting things and/or wildlife to see. Well, on this day, I had no idea since you never know with diving as I’ve found out how different the diving was in nearby Barcelona, Spain … Continue reading »

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Azores – Second day of scuba diving day but no fishing

Another day in the ocean is a good day especially if it involves scuba diving! The only issue was that water was a bit colder for some odd reason on this day so I was freezing despite wearing a thick wetsuit. That’s something that they don’t say – the water is cold in Europe even … Continue reading »

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