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Extreme Sports

Canary Islands diving day #2

Same diving outfit, different diving day, different diving location. I was hoping that the water temperature and weather conditions would actually be warmer than the previous day which was cold and windy. Water temperature makes all the difference in the world for diving as does the waves caused by winds. But of course, even if … Continue reading »

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Canary Islands diving day #1

Due to the heavy dosage amount of tourists, great climate, and many places to go diving, one might need years in order to go diving in every spot in the Canaries. And of course, weather and water conditions change over the year so certain dive spots might look differently as well particularly in the animal … Continue reading »

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One of the sunniest places in Europe: Nice, France

It’s pronounced Nee-suh. Not nice as in nice things. So where is this place in France then? Well, it’s on the southern French coast also known as the French Riviera or Côte d’Azur where many Europeans especially Britons escape to. Celebrities flock there not just to get to their second French coastal home but also … Continue reading »

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Wadi Rum, Jordan

Why just stop at Egypt? Jordan is nearby and has a lot of things to do and see as well. So Jordan is the next stop! So coming out of the airport and after spending the night in a hotel, I was off to Wadi Rum! This place was famous for two reasons. First, the … Continue reading »

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Scuba diving day 2 in Hurgada, Egypt – Red Sea

Sometimes, the second day is always better than the first day as seen with my first and second fishing trips to Scotland have shown. But in diving, it’s more of the fact that if you haven’t gone diving in awhile, then the second day gets you more acclimated to the gear, diving conditions, boat, personnel, … Continue reading »

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