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Hunting and Fishing

Deer Hunting in upstate New York

It’s fall and nearing winter meaning that prime deer hunting season has arrived so it’s possible that the rut is on and the winter chills and winds have started to breeze its way forcibly into the forests to get these furry critters to come out and feed some more. That means that I’ll actually get … Continue reading »

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Wintery Lake Bled and my failure to complete an item on my bucket list for fishing in Slovenia

Alright! Another country visited – the country of Slovenia… if you don’t know where it is, the country is located east of Italy on the Adriatic sea and is also bordered to Croatia’s west flank. Once part of Yugoslavia, the country broke off like the other nations such as Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, etc. to become … Continue reading »

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Fly-fishing during the autumn of England

Well, it’s time for round 3 of fishing in England with this time frame being in the fall where the temperatures have dropped, the sun sets earlier (less sun light as well), and the fishing conditions have changed quite a bit. I could definitely see and feel the difference compared to the summer time when … Continue reading »

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Return to Mexico – Fishing in La Paz during high fishing season

I couldn’t believe it but I was able to reserve my spot for fishing on a panga down in La Paz, Mexico with Tailhunter International. However, this time was different as it was during high season (September-October), the best time to go fishing down there! For years, I’ve been trying to get a fishing trip … Continue reading »

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Why just return to stop in England to fish? Might as well return to Scotland to fish!

Again, if I’m going to England to go fishing… then I might as well go up to Scotland to fishing. Last time, I didn’t have any success in remotely hooking an Atlantic Salmon or any fish on the first day but I did, however, catch some sharks there to redeem the trip. This trip was … Continue reading »

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