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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Wild hog/pig hunting in central California

Yes, there are wild pigs out in California! They can be massive, nasty things that can bite off a finger or hand if you’re not careful. One of my friends is a big-time hunter and has hunted quite a number of these things as they can grow up to over 500 pounds or bigger! The … Continue reading »

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Shooting shotguns at clay pigeons also known as trap shooting

Like the last post about going to the batting cages, this is another activity requiring hand-to-eye coordination but instead of bats and balls, it involves shotguns and clay pigeons. This is known as trap shooting and despite looking at how easy people shoot guns in the movies, books, or video games – it can actually … Continue reading »

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Hitting baseballs in the batting cage

One of my favorite things to do is to go to the batting cage and swing at a bunch of baseballs and softballs and in the process relieve some stress. I was surprised how quickly I was sweating after swinging my bat at 20-40 baseballs/softballs. I was exerting myself! But I do have to admit … Continue reading »

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How to find the very best Chinese restaurants in any Chinatown, such as San Francisco, California, United States

With the South American education trip over, I figured now would be the time to divert to other specialties of discovering something new and unusual, especially closer to home. I know a lot of people are not able to travel outside of their countries for whatever reason so now will be the beginning of new … Continue reading »

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What to buy in Peru: Pisco

In addition to buying the great bags of coffee in Peru, I forgot to mention that Pisco is also an excellent choice as well. Made of Peruvian grapes and distilled in way like brandy, this drink is considered to be one of the best alcoholic drinks Latin America can offer (in addition to Peru’s other … Continue reading »

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