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Monthly Archives: September 2011

For a better travel experience in a foreign country, learn as much of the local/native language as you can

Knowing the local language… this makes for a better experiences in that country of whatever reason you went there for since the locals’s way of life including their language was made to be comfortable for them, not for foreigners. And this includes the food which a lot of people have issues with. For example, countries … Continue reading »

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Watching baseball fans fight each other at a San Francisco Giants home game vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

I noticed that baseball season is coming to an end and the funny part about all of it was that I didn’t watch a single game! I didn’t know that the season was shortly closing for the regular scheduled games until someone told me that he and his family went to the last home game … Continue reading »

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Must have passport (and maybe more) to travel to different countries

I’m pretty sure that most people know about this but there are some people that do not – in order to travel to a foreign country you need a passport. And for certain countries, you are required to have a visa meaning a special stamp or paperwork from that country’s embassy or consulate. Apparently, only … Continue reading »

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Training for a vacation hike like going on the Inca Trail

Some of you might be wondering how I went through the Machu Picchu hike and still survived after puking a few times on the Inca Trail and it all boiled down to planning. I planned on succeeding. I drew up a plan where I would train myself requiring discipline and execution. I knew that I … Continue reading »

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Puking my guts out on 5,000 year old rocks while hiking on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru

Yeah, I must admit. I puked on some 5,000 year old trail stones but I could not help myself because I got altitude sickness while hiking on the Inca Trail up in the Andes Mountains of Peru. I might have damaged some part of the trail with my vomit but I figured I was not … Continue reading »

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