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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Getting bored while traveling – travelers really hide out?

When I was traveling with various types of groups of people or should I call them fellow tourists in Spain, I tend to see a lot of them just sit around and not do much. The only exception is when I’m going on an activity-based trip like scuba diving where everyone signed up for the … Continue reading »

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Visiting Granada, Spain including the world famous Alhambra and dealing with lost Russian tourists

And so here I am in Costa del Sol, going on a typical tourist bus trip to some tourist location with a bunch of other tourists. I signed up to go on this particular trip en-route to Granada, Spain, to see a very famous castle called Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage Stage, built back in … Continue reading »

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Scuba diving in Marbella, Spain’s Costa del Sol

With a couple of dives under my belt in Gibraltar, it was time to get my dives done on the mainland of Spain instead of doing it from an island. Technically I would be able to call this my actual first European dive but whatever the case might be it all diving which was one … Continue reading »

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Going back to Gibraltar but for scuba diving

Originally, I thought that going to Gibraltar just once was good enough for me but however, I was wrong after finding out that there were some good dive spots around the “Rock.” Yes, you can dive off the waters of the Rock of Gibraltar despite the constant cloudy weather like it is in England (that … Continue reading »

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Visiting Tangier, Morocco from Spain

This was one trip that I could not pass up which was go to Africa for the first time and arrive in Morocco. There were daily trips from Spain to Morocco on these special organized transportation adventures so I figured that I should do at least one of them despite how super-touristy this was. Obviously, … Continue reading »

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