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Monthly Archives: November 2011

It’s about time they give people crabs!

Yup, the negotiations are over. Commercial crab fishermen and businesses have agreed on a price for Dungeness Crabs so now the people of California can rejoice about being able to buy crab again after hearing the reports on the news such as on the LA Times or on the SJ Mercury News. If you’re willing … Continue reading »

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How to protect yourself while traveling – self defense measures

You can be trained in any martial art and consider yourself to be well-prepared for any physical contact or even arm yourself to the teeth with guns, bombs, missiles, knives, and swords but how practicable can that be during traveling? In my opinion, if you’re that concerned about your safety while traveling to foreign countries … Continue reading »

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Enemy of the State movie dialog about using weaknesses as strengths

In the movie, Enemy of the State, starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman, there was a great conversation about how to use your disadvantages to your advantages. It’s quite an interesting way to utilize such tools in order to win battles and hopefully grind the enemy down to quitting. Edward ‘Brill’ Lyle (Gene Hackman’s character): … Continue reading »

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Better off fishing than shopping

As previously stated on an earlier post – I’d rather go fishing than shopping. Well, I was going to go yesterday but instead, went today due to better weather conditions. And of course, I went on my favorite ocean-faring charter boat, the Queen of Hearts. Another early morning wake-up and drive over to Half Moon … Continue reading »

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Violence of Black Friday – pepper spray, shootings, robbery, fights

Instead of staying out in the cold and dark like a lot of people did on the night of November 24, 2011, I went right to bed not caring about the deals that the mega-stores were having. More than anything, I wanted to go fishing out on the Pacific Ocean but instead I got a … Continue reading »

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