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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Pheasant, chukar, and quail – bird hunting in Northern California

I’m an avid hunter who likes to go hunting any chance I go. There’s this charm and merit of being able to harvest your own food free-roam game style like our ancestors did in the past when they had to go out into the wild looking for protein sources. And should they fail at hunting, … Continue reading »

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How to buy fresh dungeness crabs from boats at Half Moon Bay, California – a better Thanksgiving dinner

Who doesn’t like eating dungeness crabs? Well… actually, there are some people, but yes, it’s currently dungeness crab season and pretty soon, there should be fishermen out on the piers teeming with crabs ready to be sold. Especially on the piers of Half Moon Bay, California. So forget that Thanksgiving Dinner of turkey – get … Continue reading »

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Absurdity of Black Friday: the reasons

I always get a kick out of Black Friday every year. It’s always that Friday after Thanksgiving where retail stores across the nation give out big deals, rebates, discounts, and/or free stuff in order to start off the official Christmas shopping season. That’s why every Friday after Thanksgiving, you can expect to drive up to … Continue reading »

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Fishing in New York – Why you should fish for walleye – best tasting freshwater fish!

What can I say about the St. Lawrence River? It borders the United States and Canada as a natural boundary being that it’s a body of water that contains some great fishing opportunities. I have to say fishing on that river made me a much better fisherman because of the experience that I spent on … Continue reading »

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Cozumel, Mexico dive trip review

There’s always good things to see underwater in Mexico thanks to the warm, clear blue waters and the wildlife that live in them. From a variety of different fishes to sea turtles to eels – there’s always plenty to see while scuba diving in Cozumel. I also have to state that the cost of diving … Continue reading »

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