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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Betting on horse races

Yep, yep, I wanted to go out and do something “different” instead of the usual hunting, fishing, diving, playing sports, or doing an activity that I’ve done before. Instead, I went out with a friend of mine to Golden Gate Fields and bet on some horse races for some money. Ha ha. Yeah… I’m not … Continue reading »

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Going out crabbing in the ocean for Dungeness Crab

In addition to the last post about vitamins and supplements, having an occasional meal of fish is a great idea as well. I’m a seafood guy so I’ll pretty much eat anything out of the ocean such as abalone, fish, lobster, and one of my favorites: crab, particularly Dungeness Crab, considered to be the best … Continue reading »

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Importance of vitamins and supplements

In addition to hunting, fishing, working out, and eating properly, I take vitamins and supplements. I can’t tell you how much “crap” is in the American diet so it only makes sense to take some pills to make sure that I get the right amount of vitamins and minerals in me. I couldn’t imagine if … Continue reading »

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Playing Ultimate Frisbee

I was out playing ultimate frisbee with my friend who part of this group of people that wanted to go throw a frisbee around for fun, but before going out, I decided to take my video camera and put it on my chest to see how it all came out. Well, the results were interesting … Continue reading »

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Duck hunting on Christmas Eve

Yes, forget about that shopping crap non-sense! I would rather go duck hunting on Christmas Eve! My friend and I planned on meeting up at his duck club in Los Banos, California, which was basically this great parcel of natural wetland, a great home for ducks to fly in and out of. A total difference … Continue reading »

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