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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Take adventurous vacations rather than typical boring ones

Every one needs a good vacation here or there in order to recharge the body and mind’s batteries. It definitely helps out in getting yourself motivated again to do something after a nice long rest. It’s been said that sharp axes that have been sharpened recently cut better than over-used dull axes to cut lumber. … Continue reading »

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Sports tourism? Yes, it exists

I was in the gym yesterday playing basketball and overheard a group of guys talking about the Los Angeles Clippers and their addition of Chris Paul, one of the best players in the NBA, and how they are going to be VERY good. Some of the guys even stated that they were thinking of traveling … Continue reading »

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Buy a scanner

Man, after having a cluster of papers being all over the place, I finally gave in and bought myself a small, portable scanner. Man, this thing is great. Instead of looking for paperwork, I can just go into my computer files and find it. Keeps everything nice and simple and easy to find stuff. I … Continue reading »

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Remember what you eat is what you’ll burn off later

I was in Anaheim, California for a conference and I did something that I usually don’t do which is overeat. I was in the mood for some good food and so I scarfed away packing in the pounds. Upon coming back home, I realized that I have to hit the gym hard to burn all … Continue reading »

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My friend raises chickens, quail, and doves in his backyard for food

Yup, you read that right. I was talking to my friend about hunting and fishing and he stated that he now has birds living in his backyard. He got chickens for the eggs obviously and trying to breed quail and morning doves in attempt to get some chicks out of them and possibly get some … Continue reading »

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