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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Gambling on horses / Apostando a los caballos

Yup, just like the last time I went gambling on horses, I did it just for fun. I went with some friends to go hang out since they were the beer drinkers while I was the designated driver. Still, it was fun watching people go bonkers over the horses racing for the finish line. Haha. … Continue reading »

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Turtle soup anyone? / ¿Sopa de tortuga, alguien?

Sorry for the lack of posts – I’ve been busy lately. I did, however, had a flashback when I went to a Southern restaurant that offered turtle soup! Oh yeah! It gave me memories of the Shredder, the main henchman in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series. Lo siento por la falta de puestos … Continue reading »

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Even American toilets break down / Siquiera los retretes americanos están rotos

Sometimes even some of the best hotels in a Western country can have some unsightly views within its walls just like this overflowing toilet… Sí, siquiera unos mejores hotels en un país occidental tienen vistas malas entre sus paredes como este retrete roto… Yep, even stuff in the Western World breaks down. Not all is … Continue reading »

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The good, bad, and ugly about Roatan, Honduras / El bueno, el feo, y el malo de Roatán, Honduras

One more thing I should point out that you are not just restricted to the resort. You can hire a taxi to take yourself out to nearby towns such as West End, West Bay, and French Harbor. Most travelers and tourists mainly stick to the western part of the island since that’s where all the … Continue reading »

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Where is Roatan Island in Honduras? How to travel there / ¿Dónde está la isla de Roatán en Honduras? Cómo se viaja allí

It’s pretty simple to travel to Roatan, Honduras. Just take a flight there. No, seriously. Roatan is pretty famous now that there are daily flights from the United States. There are also cruise ships from other countries and ferry boats from mainland Honduras that come to the island as well since the island is located … Continue reading »

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