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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Spanish girls! / ¡Las Españolas!

What can I speak of when talking about Spanish girls? Wow… they’re amazingly good-looking with their great bodies, faces, eyes, but best of all if you understand is their Spanish accents. It’s all great to see and hear! One of the best things about Spain is the women! And not to mention not all are … Continue reading »

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Fanta and Coke taste so much better in Europe than in the US / Fanta y Coke son muchos mejores en Europa que en EEUU

Real sugar cane! And not fake sugar like saccarine or whatever it’s called! Yep, that’s what Fanta is in Europe – tastes so much better! I dunno know why the company doesn’t put a soda copy machine in the US but the US version… ick, ugh – I’m not drinking it. ¡Caña de azúcar real! … Continue reading »

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Lose weight by eating food overseas / La gente puede perder peso en el extranjero

Yeah, it’s weird but I lose weight while overseas even though I hadn’t done any working out. I think the food outside of the US is just overall better and has less calories, fat, crap, etc. which is why people generally lose weight. Less calories, more filling, better food. Sí, es muy posible y extraño … Continue reading »

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