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Chile day 4 – Valparaíso and leaving Santiago

Posted by on July 7, 2011

It was another day in Santiago and with really nothing interesting to do or see since I saw all of it (or most of it), I knew that it was time to get out of the city to see something else new. So, along with 2 other fellow travelers who joined up with this Intrepid trip, we took the subway to go to the city’s bus station where we wanted to go to Valparaíso which is a city about a 1 ½ hour drive north of Santiago. Of course, in order to purchase a bus ticket required speaking Spanish so in the best way possible, I explained to the clerk that the three of us wanted a round-trip bus ticket. Somehow, I was able to get my intentions clearly to the clerk who issued us one-way ticket there and an open ticket back meaning we could go back at any time.

Valparaíso/Valparaiso, Chile, by the coast/por la costa

Valparaíso, Chilean city by the ocean

Valparaíso/Valparaiso, Chile, produce and fruits on the steets, frutas/legumbres en la calle

After getting out of the bus station, I walk straight into this

And why did I go to Valparaíso? Well, first of all to go someplace new and different. I could easily see by walking around that Valparaiso was partly a tourist city but more of an industrial city that was used for its seaport operations as well as provide a home to the Chilean navy and coast guard. The great part about this city was taking a stroll and observing the ocean side with its boats, piers, and marine animals while looking at the nearby mountains full of colorful buildings that made the city very interesting. The good thing was that there some sun and it was not too cloudy or smoggy like back in Santiago. Besides, this city had re-construction done in the past few years after that massive earthquake. Better see what it looked like now.

Valparaíso/Valparaiso, Chile, by the water, por el agua

Posing by the water

Valparaíso/Valparaiso, Chile, barcos/ships

Out on the water, there were plenty of ships

Valparaíso/Valparaiso, Chile, vista/view

I got this great view of the city from the pier

This city gave off a colonial charm to it as well with its colorful buildings and style.

Valparaíso/Valparaiso, Chile, statue/estatua

Statue amongst modernized buildings

Valparaíso/Valparaiso, Chile, plaza

Plaza in front of the Chilean Navy building

Valparaíso/Valparaiso, Chile, colonial buildings/edificios colonial

Colonial style buildings - definitely has that vibe!

At lunchtime, I was approached by some lady doing some advertising for some restaurant and knowing that Chile is great at doing seafood, I decided why not? So I took a flyer and walked with my traveling companions to the restaurant. While I was gazing at the menu, one thing came up that I wanted to try after seeing someone else eating it which was pastel de jaiba. It’s basically a crab cake that was like a soup but creamy with cheese on top; the crab meat however had no flavor to it but it was more like fluffy white chewy meat, warm and filling at the same time.

Valparaíso/Valparaiso, Chile restaurant, pastel de jaiba/crab stew

Damn good pastel de jaiba!

That pastel de jaiba was really good but however, walking out on the street I could easily spot bums on the street almost spoiling my stomach with their wretched stench. There were a lot of them out there!

Valparaíso/Valparaiso, Chile, bum on the street/limosnero, pordiosero, mendiga en la calle

Yep, another smelly bum on the street

But after dodging the bums, it was back to enjoying the sights.

Backdrop of the city hills, Valparaíso/Valparaiso, Chile

This city was also built on the hills and it was cool to look at all the colors and no it's not a favela; wait until Brazil

Valparaíso/Valparaiso, Chile plaza

This was another plaza with a statue in it and an amazing tower nearby

escalera/staircase, Valparaíso/Valparaiso, Chile

This was interesting as it was in the colonial section of town having a long staircase

Valparaíso/Valparaiso, Chile, playing games/jugar juegos

I saw these guys playing chess while walking through the plaza to get to the bus station; these guys had no care in the world but what was in front of them

After going back to Santiago on the open return ticket, we met up with the rest of the crew to relax a little bit since the next part of this trip was to go to Pucon, our next destination which was further south in Chile. The only issue I had with this trip was that it was another overnight bus trip. Oh well, that’s how we travel and go on with our traveling lives.


Next stop: Pucón.