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Chile day 7 – Onward to Ancud, Chiloé Island

Posted by on July 8, 2011

After getting to the bus station very early in the morning, I was told, along with the rest of the travelers, that a water sprout to where we were going to about a day or two days ago, damaged several homes and that we might have to divert the trip to somewhere else, probably to Bariloche, Argentina earlier than expected. Our group leader, Lupe, was hard at work trying to get things rolling to make sure if we can go or not but, however, after arriving on site at Ancud, no problems at all. I was not worried at all like the others as I slept on the bus for the most part since it was another long one.

Ancud, Chiloé/Chiloe Isla/Island, Chile beach/playa

Nice beach setting even though it can get cold out there!

Ancud, one of the cities on the Chiloé Island and where we were staying at, is more known used for sailors as noted with several guys pissing on the corner out in the open only at 8 PM as they were pissed drunk. This place was another vacation destination for Chileans. The good part was that we missed the high season as the entire region especially on Chiloé Island can get really crowded even with the drunk sailors hanging out.

Ancud, Chiloé/Chiloe Isla/Island, Chile, view from window/vista de la ventana del hotel

The view from my room's window

Ancud, Chiloé/Chiloe Isla/Island, Chile, street view, vista de la calle

Street view of Ancud - no one around during low season

We got to walk around before the sun set and I could see that this place looked like it was deserted as a lot of places were closed early, not due to Sunday, but rather that it was low season for Chileans who travel to the area. Their summer (November – March) is their high season. The place also looked old and colonial to me especially after I see wooden architecture aka wooden buildings like their church. Apparently, that was the style of design people used to live in that area since the ocean and the winds could get pretty nasty at times.

Ancud, Chiloé/Chiloe Isla/Island, Chile, wooden church/iglesia de lana

Wooden Church

One thing on my mind was getting some food! I was hungry and we all went into this one restaurant serving seafood. I asked what the specialty of the region and I was told that it was Curanto, a mixture of seafoods, but only big problem: the restaurant didn’t have enough indigents on stock so I said that was fine because I will eat it the next day! Just give me something good for the time being! So instead, I chose something called Paisa Marina which was a mix of seafood such as piure, mussels, clams, fish, and something that I couldn’t describe but I knew that it came from the ocean. Curando was definitely tomorrow’s dish!

Ancud, Chiloé/Chiloe Isla/Island, Chile, Paisa Marina, seafood stew

Paisa Marina - this was damn good to eat!

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