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Chile day 8 – Looking around Ancud, Chiloé Island

Posted by on July 9, 2011

I got up late which was probably due to the lack of good, non-moving sleep which I didn’t get in the past 2 days. I figured that this day would have been just walking around and looking at stuff, but most importantly, was trying to set up an activity to do something for the next day. I walked around the city for a bit and even though it was not the weekend anymore, it was still relatively empty. But first order of business was going straight to the tourism office in downtown. My goal was to go either fishing or scuba diving and I knew someone would have that information. Once I walked in the office, I used my Spanish again to find out if someone did offer the services for “buceo” which is scuba diving or “pescar” for fishing. I got a bunch of names and phone numbers which was a start. I’d have to go back to the hotel to find the group leader to see if she could help me. But before going back, it was time to eat and I’m eating Curando no matter what.

I went back to the same restaurant that I had dinner the night before and the first thing I asked for without looking at the menu was Curando. I also asked if they had enough for it and after a waitress looked for the chef and then gave the nod, yes! I was going to eat it! After waiting for a bit, it came out. It turned out that Curando was a mix of chicken, ribs, sausage, clams, mussels, potato, and some wet biscuit-like bread all in this big bowl. It was very filling. Good thing I ate it for lunch as that would allow me to burn it off during the day.

Curando, food/comida of Chile, Ancud, Chiloé/Chiloe Isla/Island

One of the best seafood dishes out there - Curando! The local specialty!

Afterwards, I looked at the map and found out that there was fort nearby. Wow… really, a fort. It was called Fuerte San Antonio and it was just down the street from the hotel so I went over there finding myself in this stone fort with decommissioned cannons being used as symbolic relics. I could see why this place held enormous strategic value in the past as this outpost overlooked the harbor and could fight off pirates or any other hostile ships coming into the area.

Fuerte/Fort San Antonio, Ancud, Chiloé/Chiloe Isla/Island

Fuerte San Antonio is now a memorial vista point

Ancud, Chiloé/Chiloe Isla/Island, Chile, Cannons/canones of Fort/Fuerte San Antonio

Cannons of Fuerte San Antonio protected the harbor in the past

Ancud, Chiloé/Chiloe Isla/Island, Chile, beach/la playa

Other than the cold weather, I think this place would have been great to stay in for a long time or live in

Once I had enough of looking around, I decided to get ready for tomorrow’s scuba dive by doing the little things like buy some drinks and food for snacks and made sure that my underwater case would not leak while diving. Later on at night, when my roommate and fellow traveler, David, wanted to eat Curando, we went back to the same restaurant. To being full, I ended up not eating Curando (which he wanted to eat the deluxe size with me). Instead I ate a different pastel de jaiba which was great but it was not like the soup version back in Valparaíso.

Ancud, Chiloé/Chiloe Isla/Island, Chile, food, seafood, Pastel de jaiba/crab meat in a crabshell

Pastel de jaiba in a crabshell, not a bowl

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