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Chile day 10 / Argentina day 1 – Crossing the border again

Posted by on July 10, 2011

It was another long journey on the bus which took about 4 hours to get to the Chile-Argentina border and then another 4 hours to get to Bariloche. What was interesting was that the entire ride was very green, lush, and full of vegetation of trees, bushes, and shrubs. Yes, there was some uphill bus driving involved to where I could see snow on the ground, but it was not that bad at all.

The view of the scenery, Patagonia, from a bus, Chile

The scenery while riding the bus

Map of where is Bariloche, Argentina; dónde está en mapa

Location of Bariloche

But finally, after all that riding, we made it to San Carlos de Bariloche. Better known as the short name of just Bariloche, the city itself was cold as winter was approaching and the city was located right next to a big lake which make conditions colder which is known as the Lake Effect.Bariloche by the lake with flag of Argentina, bandera de Argentina The city was also considered to be expensive as it was highly regarded as a tourist town for both Argentinians and foreigners which was obvious by its high prices and the streams of stores and restaurants in downtown or known as the “centro” of the town. The best stores that were a must-have-to-go were the chocolate stores.

Chocolate store of Bariloche, Argentina, la tienda de chocolates

Chocolate store of Bariloche

Everyone was tired from that long bus trip so after doing a quick orientation to the city, we all decided to go into this Irish pub/restaurant to where I immediately noticed the vats of beer behind the bar – this place as I could see was a beer place so I definitely had to order one up. I ordered an Imperial Stout, a very dark beer, almost like a Guinness beer but I knew that this was a BEER. I put my behind the glass and yep, I couldn’t see the other side.

Dark beer in Argentina, cervesa oscura

Like a dark German beer but this was Argentina!

Even the taste lived up to its dark, rich color as it had the flavor of a Guinness but also had this nice, aromatic, coffee-like aftertaste to it. It was actually quite nice. But alas, I was not there for the beer but was there also for the food. I didn’t want the usual suspects of pizza, sandwiches, or fish (had plenty in Chile!). So I sprang for its tapas – a mixture of different kinds of meats like varieties of flavors of smoked salmon, sausages, cheese, nacho chips, and tomatoes. It was quite good as the richness of the food filled me up despite its small size.

I was tired afterwards and went to bed as I knew that I had to wake up early to go find a fishing guide, hopefully, that could take out and go find some trout and/or something big to catch the next day!

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