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Uruguay day 3 – Going to an Uruguayan ranch where the gauchos work

Posted by on July 14, 2011

Uruguay farm/ranch

It was another ugh, long bus ride. Another 4-5 hours. Not fun. What made it worse? It was another 1 ½ hours of riding this van/truck that didn’t have windows making it cold during the ride. Good thing it was the afternoon and it was warm otherwise it could have been real cold. What made it better? Seeing the great landscape the area provided which I originally thought would be flat plains used for farming and ranching.

cows at Uruguay farm/ranch

Cows at the ranch

But once at the ranch, things seem to be very relaxing. For some, I could see and sense the apphrension when the estancia/ranch owner started talking about the rules and facts about this place: there was no electricity except during a 3-4 hour block in the afternoon (candles were used in lieu of lights and no plugging in hair dryers as that could blow out the generator), water was considered a valuable commodity that for flushing the toilet you had to dump water in them, no heating, no air conditioner, and the fact that some of us might not like it because it was so primitive or whatever reason and that generally 10% of the people who come don’t like it.

Uruguay farm/ranch

Outside part of the house - the best place to hang out

Good thing I already knew how to go horseback riding and I was up for any chore that the ranch was going to provide. That was one of the charms about this trip that we, as travelers, was going to participate in doing the daily activities as any gaucho (South American cowboy) did which was going to give the full experience, all from breathing, living, riding, eating, etc. It was going to be a great time out there. Well, maybe not for some people.

Sunset, sun going down, Uruguay farm/ranch plains

Sun setting on the Uruguayan plains - gotta love the atmosphere out there since it was slow and easy-going.