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Thing to buy: Coffee, Soda, and Beer in Brazil

Posted by on July 25, 2011

Before I go into depth about Colombia, I definitely have to put my two cents in about what to buy from Brazil which would be the drinks in this country.

The Brazilian coffee is a little different from its Latin American counterparts  as I’ve been told the Brazilian version is a bit more bitter than what some people are used to but still, it’s worth a try with this brand called Pilsao.

One of Brazilian's best coffee: Pilao Pilão coffee, Brazil

One of Brazilian's best coffee: Pilão coffee

Guarana soda is also another recommendation to take back home as well! I think it’s one of the best sodas I’ve ever had even though Inca Cola takes the top prize. It’s still worth taking several bottles/cans home.

Brazilian favorite and best soda: Guarana soda, green can, from Brazil/Brasil

Brazil's favorite soda: Guarana soda

I would try to take some beer back home particularly of this one certain brand, Cerveja Antarctica Original, but bottles tend to break while in transit without proper packaging materials and it’s quite difficult to keep cold when you’re traveling several more countries.

Best beer in the world! Cerveja Antarctica Orignal, Brazilian style, from Brasil/Brazil

Best beer in the world! Cerveja Antarctica Orignal