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Colombia day 5 – Scuba diving and a rough day

Posted by on July 28, 2011

The previous night was easier on the guts especially sleeping but still, with the need to visit the bathroom every hour, it was a tiring time. As soon as daybreak occurred and I woke up to the tanks being loaded again, I definitely felt better. I just had to be slow about everything. No rush, no speeding things. I might have some decreased abilities but I knew I could do a lot but not so deliberately. I just felt like I couldn’t eat anything so instead I downed some yogurts to get something in the belly. I told the dive master that “I was no doubt about it going diving today and I’m doing the 2 dives as well.” Everything went well as the routine went of eating something, getting gear prepared, relaxing a bit, and then walking down to the beach to get on the dive boat. And yes, I managed to get in all the diving possible – 2 dives! Whew! But it was work to get it done. A sensitive stomach and trying to fight off the shits while diving took a lot of intestinal resistance. In an emergency, I could piss in the wetsuit but there was no way I was taking a shit in it though. I had to wait during the break between dives and getting back to the dive shop to do any kind of bathroom break.

This day was interesting as it was raining pretty good; now that doesn’t mean the diving will be bad at all. It could actually make it better and for these dives, it was better for odd reason. There was a lot more marine animal activity underwater.

Rainy day rock formation, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Interesting dive spot with this rock formation nearby with the rains coming in.

Once underwater, it was showtime for the animals!

Slipper lobster, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

I got a picture of this Slipper lobster before he ran away

Arrow crab, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Here was this Arrow Crab looking out from its burrow

Small whipping fish, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

I don't know what this little fish was doing but it kept swimming back and forth like a maniac

For odd reason, there was this huge school of fish surrounding this circular rock. They just kept swimming around and moved away when divers got close to the rock but still they hung around it. It looked like sperm trying to get to the egg but one of them already made it.

ball of fish surrounding a rock, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Ball of fish surrounding a rock

school of fish, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Up close of the school of fish

school of fish, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Another up-close picture of the school of fish

With all the small fish, I suppose that this ground-looking flatfish was hanging out on the sand looking for a small fish’s fatal mistake to snatch a quick meal.

Flat fish in the sand hiding, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Some kind of flat fish but looked like a sting ray of some kind.

Someone spotted this odd-looking crab burrowed in the sand and started to play around with it. It was definitely a first-time seeing like this.

Burrowing crab in the sand, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Finding a burrowed crab in the sand

Burrowing crab in diver's hand, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Playing around with the crab

Burrowing crab in the sand, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

It was back to the sand for the crab

And if people were looking careful enough they would also find this sculpin (scorpion fish) and sea horse sleeping amongst the coral.

Sculpin (Scorpion Fish) on the sand, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Sculpin (Scorpion Fish)

Sleeping sea horse on a coral, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Sleeping sea horse

Coral and rocks formation, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Unique formation of rocks and coral which provides habitat for all kinds of marine life

Even the people who went diving with me stated that I looked better on this diving day, but little did they know that I had the stomach problems to handle. After getting back, I felt better but instead of heading to the pharmacy like I should have, I instead went on a traditional cure process by smoking cigars, drinking manzanilla tea, and consuming coca candy which I wished I had instead coca leaves to use in my tea since they were excellent in combating digestive problems when I was in the high altitude of Peru and Bolivia. The only thing I ate was basically yogurt, the liquid diet. I could not eat anything else. And yes, cigars can help. I had a stomach issue while I was in the Dominican Republic and smoking a cigar was the one final thing that got me over the hump.

Well, I did the same thing again with the tea and cigar in Taganga which allowed me to finish up my homework in order to get my drift diving certification since I was going to do the certifying dives tomorrow. Had to do everything I could to make sure I’d be okay despite my stubbornness not to go to the pharmacy. Then again, I couldn’t go at all due to me being so weak.

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