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Colombia day 6 – Scuba diving and drift diving

Posted by on July 29, 2011

I felt a lot better, much better to where I knew that I could do some increased strenuous activities again, but at an easier pace though. I still had the shits but less frequently which was a good thing since this day was the day I was aiming to get my drift diving specialty. What was funny about doing a drift dive was that I’ve already done plenty of them in the past in Cozumel (Mexico), Costa Rica, and Honduras. I’m not sure what PADI was thinking about when creating these specialties when so many people go ahead and do them by themselves without ever taking the specialty course. For example, I don’t have the wreck diver specialty but still, I dived on several wreck sites in the past. One person explained that these specialties do have some technical information that needs to be put out especially for certain specialties like nitrox and ice diver which are understandable but really, bottom line these specialties were made for one thing in mind – money. And that made business sense to me. Still, I think it’s fun to chase down these specialties and say that I got this one place and this one from this country and so forth.

After the morning routine, I went out for my drift dives which in my opinion were mild compared to the heavy currents I’ve been on before. But still, moving along like superman was still fun to do as drift diving generally means less usage of air and that also means more time underwater! More to being around and look around which I definitely enjoyed a lot.

Corals getting good ocean currents, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

I could see that the corals here were getting good current

Small red shrimp, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Looks like a small red shrimp to me trying to hide out

Colorful rocks and coral, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Colorful rocks and coral

Sometimes the ocean currents can make picture taking pretty difficult at times. So a lot of times the pictures don’t come out right unless it’s wayyy up-close due to all the debris in the water.

Dead, broken spiny lobster, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Looks like an octopus got to it and ate the inside while leaving the outside

Moray Eel, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

This was rare as most Moray Eels hang out in a burrow not outside like this

Guardian fish of some kind, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

I've heard of a type of fish that stands guard and I think I've seen it with this one; I was just wondering where the ghost shrimp was digging their hole.

After I did my 2 drift dives, I was Drift Diver certified! Big whoop, huh?