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Colombia day 7 – Scuba diving

Posted by on July 30, 2011

More diving this day as I felt like my body was finally overcoming the sickness. I still wanted to be cautious so I did not want to push it.

Above surface of water, Colombia scuba diving

This is the time to make sure everything is set before going underwater

School of small fish, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

We went past this school of small fish while going deeper

Flower coral, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Might look cool now but if you get too close, it will hide away

I was still having a blast going underwater and checking out the scene as there were quite a bit more marine life activity going on. I think the weather and the water currents were playing a role here.

Spiny lobster, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

This spiny lobster was alive and well unlike the one I encountered the day before

Candy shrimp, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

They're small but called candy shrimp and they don't have any nutritional value for humans.

Colorful fish eggs, Colombia Caribbean Sea scuba diving

Looks like one of the fish laid some colorful eggs amongst the rocks and coral.

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