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Colombia day 8 – Last day of scuba diving

Posted by on July 31, 2011

Well, I knew that I had to make this one good as this was going to be the last day going diving since people are not supposed to be diving within 24 hours prior to flying. My flight the next day was in the afternoon so by my calculations, I was going to be able to do some dives on this day (only the morning dives). I was going to make sure that I was going to enjoy this as much as possible especially after I missed one dive due to my stomach illness. It was going to be 2 dives and not 0 or 1. 2 is the magical number!

As usual, it was routine again of getting ready and then going out on the boat to get to the dive sites. Once at the dive sites, I was going in the water to go see the underwater world once more.

Lion fish, Colombia scuba diving

Lion fish amongst the rocks and coral

Yellow coral, Colombia scuba diving

Yellow coral

Jack fish, Colombia scuba diving

Jack fish of some kind either amberjack or green jack

I think this was a scallop or some kind of similar species as it had a hard shell and would open/close its mouth.

Scallop or something similar, Colombia scuba diving

Scallop or something like it?

One thing that I saw and caught my eye while I was drifting along in the water was some weird-looking snake or eel underwater. I was pretty sure that it was a snake and not an eel as the only eels in this part of the water were the moray eels and they all have a distinctive look on them especially with that mouth constantly hanging out. As I fought the currents, I managed to take a picture of it so that way later on, I did in fact confirm with the divemaster that it was in fact a snake. I was told that this creature lives on land but goes out to sea as well looking for food and is poisonous as all sea snakes are. Good thing I didn’t try touching this one!

Sea snake or eel, Colombia scuba diving

Poisonous sea snake?

Then again, I encountered another one but different color setting – eel or snake?

Sea snake or eel, Colombia scuba diving

Snake or eel? I want to say moray eel but I was riding a drift so I couldn't hang out to see what it really was.

Nevertheless, it was a great last day of diving where I got to see a lot.

Poseidon dive charter boat, Colombia scuba diving

Above water and heading back to the dive boat

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