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Fundamental change in this blog

Posted by on August 8, 2011

In addition to learning Spanish and chronicling my other adventures, there is going to be a fundamental change in this blog. I’m going to write other topics that are pertinent and even important as a lot of things are connected in this world.

I realize that traveling is not just the end goal. There is the planning phase as well and what does that mean? Well, for starters, you can’t exactly travel the entire time or your whole life unless you’re super rich or you somehow setup your lifestyle that way with a job of some sort. No, for most people, reality kicks in and you’re back home. That’s why this blog will start discussing about things that people have to deal with such as:

-stock markets

-making money

-passive income

money 100 hundred dollar bills

Why is money important in traveling? Well, that’s how people get from point A to B! Let’s face it! Money talks in the whole world! There are other reasons for this as well which I’ll get to in future posts.


But I’m also going to discuss other issues that connected to traveling such as:

-goal setting

-cultural and societal issues

-learning different and foreign languages, cultures, customs (as well as back home)

-different means of thinking

-pushing yourself

-self improvement

-health issues and how to take care of your body

-passion in life

-dating and marriage


I know it seems difficult and coming out of nowhere but in the future, all these topics will be interconnected with traveling and overall, becoming a better person as a world citizen. This doesn’t mean that I’ll stop me from writing about other adventures but simply an evolution in the making.

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