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Coffee Sweepstakes for friends and family

Posted by on August 25, 2011

Most people in today’s world live so much better than kings, queens, emperors, empresses, princes, princesses, and many other rich people in the history of mankind. We now have electricity, clean running water, air conditioner, heater, homes that don’t leak or have holes in them that allow wind to impregnate the cold to get in, well-maintained roads, cars, refrigerator, internet, and a host of other things that people take for granted thanks to technology and advanced civilization. When I read that somewhere how we all live infinitely better than most royalty in the past, that’s when I got off my materialistic treadmill of buying more crap unless I really need that certain item.

That’s why I like to keep things in perspective. For example, someone living out of a car or a van is probably better off than a lot of people. Who are those “lot of people” out there? People living out on the streets or some straw hut that doesn’t block out any wind.

That’s why I’m got off the treadmill – when I buy stuff, I envision in my thick skull of mine that I will use that item frequently, or be used well, or simply to give it away. I don’t need more “stuff” or “junk” in my life. Instead, I’d prefer to give away stuff especially to friends and family so that I can see the smile on their faces and knowing that I made some kind of difference in their mood. I realize I’m the lucky one. I got away as the black sheep – I got to see the world and do many things in life while many others did not and probably will not.

Hence, the reason why I buy things on my trips knowing that at least the people I know will get to have a piece or delicious taste of the part of the world they will probably never, ever travel to. So instead of them traveling to supposedly “dangerous places,” I will go in their stead and bring them a piece of that world that they will not or never have the guts to travel to. That way they will be in their comfort zones and I am out of it.

As a result, this is the reason I’m starting up this coffee giveaway  sweepstakes for my friends and family; of all of the “exotic” coffee bags I’ve purchased on this trip – who will get what? Galapagos coffee, rich Colombian coffee, award-winning Peruvian coffee  – that’s going to be the hard part to figure out. What’s going to be my family and friends’ responses going to be?!!

Numerous, various bags of coffee from Latin America (Ecuador, Peru, Colombia)

So many bags of exotic coffee - who gets what???

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