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Working out while traveling

Posted by on August 16, 2011

Yes, you can workout while traveling. Even here in Quito, Ecuador, I can workout by going to a gym. And no it’s not just some dump of a place. There are plenty of free weights ranging from 2.5 kilograms to 70 kilograms and machines for lifting and using alternative parts of the body. There are a few cardio machines like the stationary bike, treadmill, and elliptical machines. They even have loud music blasting on stereos and HD TVs with sports generally on. Don’t know what you’re doing – there are plenty of trainers to give you advice. Plus, there are lockers and showers to change and store stuff all just like any other gym in the US.

Modern gym in Quito, Ecuador

There are plenty of gyms around the city of Quito - you have to look around for them; this is the one I go to

I do have to admit that there are some differences. The gym I go to in the US is 24 hour fitness which have gyms across the country and the vast majority of them are open basically like the name states – 24 hours a day. Also the 24 hour fitness gyms are way bigger with more weights and machines along with the additional services of having a basketball court, swimming pool, sauna, steam room, and much bigger locker room.

But the thing is that I want to workout to maintain my figure so I don’t get fat and lazy especially when I go back to the US to play basketball and find out that I can’t keep up because I’m out of basketball-shape. I also read that being in shape and working out does help in stimulating the mind which does comes into play for me as I am studying Spanish out here. I find it more relaxing just to go to the gym after 8 HOURS of Spanish! Yeah, it breaks up the stress in my life of just sitting there self-inflicting myself with the pain of learning Spanish. All the more to go to the gym and wipe my ass off of the pain. And besides, I look good enough to where I can give enough of an appearance to un-motivate some up-to-no-good-guys looking to mug me for my money or stuff. This happened to me once in Buenos Aires, Argentina where a guy came up to me asking me for some change and then realizing how much bigger and forceful I looked to him.

Even if there are no gyms, I can still crank out a good workout doing pushups, situps, stretching, and go on runs. I like to uphold my physical look which definitely also helps in getting the girls to look my way. I can understand that most of the Ecuadorian guys do not work out by lifting weights or do lots and lots of cardio – it’s hard enough to make a living for most of the people. It also helps that my other competition, other foreigners, don’t work out either because they are just just there for short-term or are hippies or are older folks like the retired people here in Ecuador. That’s why I get some long stares of want from the female population whether it’s girls, women, or mosquitoes. I can tell you that getting attention ain’t a bad thing at all especially when you stand out in a crowd for good reasons.

If you’re looking for a date while traveling, the better it is for you to look good because that’s good enough for a guy to attract a female and for a female to get a guy’s attention. And this rule applies even back home – guys and girls in shape tend to be happier (probably because of all those hormones of de-stressing) and in better shape which helps in garnering attraction from the opposite sex. What’s that mean in the long-run for most people? The ability to get dates nowhere you go – traveling or at home.

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