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The end of studying Spanish in Ecuador

Posted by on August 17, 2011

Yup, after 4 weeks of studying Monday – Friday 8 hours/day, it’s finally come to the end. I managed to crank out 142 hours in the process and I would have studied more if I had chosen to study 8 in the beginning and didn’t have that holiday in-between either.

One of the big reasons why I studied so much was that I wanted to get respect from the locals and I got it in a big way. Many people would appraise me for my clear, spoken Spanish compared to other foreigners who can only mumble a few words here and there or speak with such an accent that the locals can’t understand. I remember getting high praises in Argentina, but I knew that I had room for improvement. And so, I took the challenge of improving myself as much as I could because I know that someday this will be very, very beneficial in the future.

This is what you would call self-improvement. It’s something that people, men and women,  should strive to do in their lives. That way life isn’t just a bore due to stagnation, but rather instead, it’s filled with excitement, challenges, and achievement. It’s like eating chocolate cake everyday – the first day eating is just awesome and you can’t get enough of it so you eat it for the next several weeks to where you will get sick and bored of it. This did in fact happened to me to where I knew I was at the borders of what I knew and that it was time to challenge the limits. In other words, time to make mistakes.

By making mistakes, you know what not to do. It’s like learning not to touch the boiling hot pot as a kid. Same concept, except in this case, you’ll learn more and have more experiences to share with others. This in effect will garner more attention to yourself making you more popular to talk to. People will know that you have something to say that will interest their minds and ears when you got some unique experiences and/or stories. I mean, who in the world, wants to hear what you do on your usual routine life? No one! That’s why by having something totally unusual, you’ll be the pivot point in people’s lives since you’ll add value to their lives. That’s how friendships are made and even romances.

So get out there and learn something!