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Peruvian coffee – Villarica brand; these bags could be given as gifts for a date

Posted by on August 24, 2011

Well, I went to the nearby supermarket and snagged 3 bags of Villarica coffee in chocolate and gourmet flavors. The last time I was here in Peru, I ended up buying 4-5 bags of the gourmet brand but this time I wanted to change it up since these bags are going to be given to my friends and family, not for me.

Peruvian coffee - Villarica brand from Peru

Peruvian coffee - Villarica brand

But there could be an alternative motive if I really wanted to do so. From what I’ve seen is that a lot of people, particularly in college and after college, drink coffee and lots of it. It’s like a drug or something that they have to drink it in order to get their fix. Another observation I’ve made is that men and women end up doing these coffee dates especially in Western culture since coffee has now become this phenomenon that has to be revolved around. I suppose it’s an easy thing to do since two people are going to be at the coffee shop/cafe anyway so meeting up to talk to each other would be a low-cost, possible high gain activity.

That’s why I advocate buying stuff, particularly items that can be consumed such as drinks and food, to be given away as gifts to friends and family. But here’s that alternative motive comes into play by giving a gift to a crush or person that you like. I mean why not? Especially if this is from a foreign country that is considered to be “exotic,” how would that person be able to turn down something as good and different as this? If I gave some chocolate Peruvian coffee bags to a girl I liked and I knew that she really liked coffee and never drank anything like it – how many brownie points would I get?

A lot.

I would not only be different but at the same time I would impose some kind of “mysterious traveler” type of personality on her making me score higher and possibly get a date with her. All the more to be more different and stand out in a world of similar robotic-like suitors in a cookie-cutter society. No offense but that’s what it seems like to me!

And what happens if the person turns them down? Not all is lost, well, actually it’s that person’s loss. It means that the person is already committed to something else and gives you the opportunity to give them to someone else and make their lives a notch better than it is now.

I’ve heard of one guy wanted to go after this one girl with some chocolates, only to be turned down by her. He was disappointed in the result and ended up giving them to another friend who took an interest in him and eventually the whole thing blossomed into something completely else. In time, they got married down the line with the other girl looking on as a bridesmaid wondering what could have been had she accepted those chocolates rather than rejecting them but instead… stuff happened… to other people to their benefits turning out to be a win-win-lose story. It can happen to you too but you got to make the first move though and let the action and reaction realize.