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What to buy from Panama – coffee!

Posted by on June 10, 2011

I was recommended by a fellow American traveler to buy some coffee while in Panama. There is a specific brand called Duran Café Puro, which is easily recognizable for its yellow/gold bag packaging in various bag sizes. I was told that this is the coffee brand the locals in Panama drink and they’re widely found in grocery stores. These coffee bags also happen to make great gifts for people especially if they’re big-time coffee drinkers and on the plus side, these bags are not likely to break so easily which can happen with more physically sensitive items like statues, paintings, or any other flimsy easy-to-break souvenirs.

Duran Café Puro, Panama Coffee, Yellow bag

See this bag? Get it for your coffee-drinking friends

I am not much of an alcoholic drinker but if you are then I would suggest buying bottles of Abuelo rum from Panama as well. Panama specializes in this sugarcane refinement to a science to create some of the best rum in the world. One guy told me that he always buy several bottles to take with him on the plane because they are so expensive to drink back home. If I was going straight back home, I would have bought some bottles to give away to friends and family but since I wasn’t. Oh well.