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Off-roading in Rubicon, California, United States

Posted by on September 4, 2011

This was one of great idea experiences that my friend suggested that I do which was to go off-roading in his 4×4 jeep going over boulders, rocks, logs and it didn’t matter going uphill or downhill in this unusual terrain. All it meant that was the driver better be proficient at driving otherwise someone’s vehicle was going to get broken or someone getting hurt. I’ve seen one guy’s jeep’s axle broken in half because he didn’t drive fast enough to avoid a rolling rock. It’s imperative that people drive with other people because you just never know when you might get stuck or broken down for whatever reason.

Off-roading in Rubicon, California, United States

Rubicon off-roading from the window's view

Rubicon is one of the world’s most famous off-road trail located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California where many people come with their tricked out all-terrain vehicles in attempt to navigate going over various types of terrain. This trail is about 12 miles and it can be enjoyed by all types of people. It’s almost like a family outing as people bring their kids, a BBQ set, swimming suits to swim in the ponds, creeks, and small lakes to relax by the trail. There is even a campsite near the end of the trail and has a decent size creek to allow some good fishing as well.

But most people who go there are for the driving the trail. I’ve seen all kinds of vehicles out there and I could tell why they all came. The place was gorgeous to go to especially during summer when the weather was nice and warm (make sure to bring some bug spray if you go as the mosquitoes get annoying!).

Jeeps, off-roading in Rubicon, California, United States

Off-roading on the Rubicon trail

Beginners can also go on this trail but make sure you know what you’re doing. For example, deflate the tires of the vehicle so they don’t pop and can easily go over rocks and stones. Bring food, water, and some repair gear in case something happens. Bring other drivers so someone assist in any emergencies. And most important of all: experience. Know what you’re doing. I saw a truck completely stuck between a tree and a big rock where the driver thought he could get through. Nope. Didn’t happen – he was hanging there like a bad picture. He didn’t take into account the smaller rocks below him.

Jeep stuck while off-roading in Rubicon, California, United States

This guy thought that he could get through but didn't - he was stuck for awhile

Fun times of bouncing up and down in the jeep.

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