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Some of the funniest, yet, worst parts of San Francisco, California, United States

Posted by on September 9, 2011
Trans America Building, San Francisco, California

San Francisco

A lot of people, particularly foreign tourists come to San Francisco in droves to see the best of what it has to offer whether it’s the nightlife, unique cultural setting, Fisherman’s Wharf, museums, art galleries, restaurants, Golden Gate Bridge, neighborhoods, or whatever it is. I admit that are some of great places that San Francisco (or better known to locals as S.F. or the City) has to offer are excellent especially its high-quality food service the restaurants offer in terms of cuisine such as Chinese food. But I don’t really like going to San Francisco that much like some of my friends do. I’m going to brief explain some of the areas I’ve been to and where to watch out for the bad places.


Castro Street

Castro street scene

Everyone has heard of this place, well, maybe. But it’s more associated in the past as an area where homosexuals (aka gay people) hang out. Initially, this place was created so the gay community could have a place to stay rather than bleed out into the rest of the city but nowadays, it’s not so much as they are all over the city (some might argue all over the world now). It’s very clean compared to some really rough places in San Francisco, not much to offer in terms of violence potential, and it’s not really associated with gay people as it was in the past even though you see a lot of establishments catering to gay people. You’ll see plenty of rainbow flags all around the neighborhood and never did I ever felt endangered or threatened in anyway. I thought put this one out there since I know some people will ask about where “they” hang out.


The Tenderloin

Homeless thugs in Tenderloin neighborhood, San Francisco, California

It might be a good idea to avoid certain crowds even during the day

Don’t let the name confuse you for this place being a place for food. This is actually a very bad part of town where you don’t want to be in during night time when criminals, drug dealers, prostitutes, crack-heads, up-to-no-good people come out. Hell, even some suspected people were just standing out there during the daytime looking around for possible trouble or a quick illegal profit. If you’re going to be in this area even though you’re going to be just passing through, take a car because otherwise you’ll have to walk over sleeping bums, walk around some potentially unstable people, and god knows what kind of crap like feces and urine were on the streets before or will be. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the pictures during the day. I’ll let you decide if you want to take the plunge during the night.


Hunter’s Point

Similar to the Tenderloin but probably worse as this is no doubt, the projects, the “hood” as many people would describe them as. What used to be a buzzing seaport and military installation nearby, the economy went south once both institutions left. In other words, no man’s land where even the police don’t really want go into but when they do (because it’s their job and duty), they’re required to go in with 3 police officers with one of them is sitting in the back of the police cruiser locked and loaded with a M16, either a semi-automatic or automatic version of an assault rifle. That’s how bad it is. I do not dare to take any pictures in this neighborhood and you’ll see why if you’re in the area. Do not go in during the night! If you’re going into and/or out of Candlestick Park for 49ers games, be careful at night as it is close to the bad areas. Even Candlestick Park can be dangerous as well after that shooting that occurred during a meaningless pre-season game in the summer of 2011. Heed caution.


SOMA (south of market area)

Sleeping homeless bum on the side of the street, San Francisco, California

It's best to avoid pan-handlers and the homeless

In the past, this used to be an industrial area that got worse over time and you could easily spot out criminals and drug dealers on the side of the road. After gentrification, due to the construction of PacBell Park (now named AT&T Park) being built for San Francisco’s baseball team, the Giants, things turned for the better. This created a huge change to the neighborhood as businesses came with the new stadium making the area a lot safer with more people and increased police presence to protect the new businesses and fans. I would still watch out around the Caltrain station and after baseball games which can attract lots of panhandlers and desperate drug addicts in the area. There will be police in the area but they cannot guard every area. Don’t go into dark alleyways if possible.


Columbus street

It’s not an area but rather a strip of street with some branches of roads that exist with some seedy strip clubs and bars. The buildings look dead during the day but know this that they do come alive with lights, music, and people for a different kind of purpose. A lot of horny men (and surprisingly women also!) come out to these places to see women strip their clothes and do pole dancing and might even do private lap dances should guys want to (and willing to pay their prices). I’ve heard of all kind of stories, good and bad, so I’m not sure what was true or false. Just don’t get plastered drunk because you could find yourself plastered due to a big hangover wondering what happened to all of your money.


Note on overall safety

Female tourists standing on corner of San Francisco, California

Just like any big city, a guidebook will tell you to exert caution and have common sense.

There are other areas considered to be unsafe such as being in Golden Gate Park at night but just note that millions of people have come and gone without incident in San Francisco but it is still important to employ safety measures as if you are going into any big city. An unfortunate event can still happen outside of these areas which has happen to even San Francisco locals so when walking on the streets be fully aware of your surroundings because the city is known for its numerous amounts of people living on the streets as bums and drug addicts. I remember walking one time and one girl was seized by her arms by a homeless man only to escape unhurt but frightened. It could have been a serious incident resulting in a detrimental health risk but no. Instead, try to prevent these events from happening such as being on your guard and also, try not to go into these areas if possible but if you do, have some common sense prior to going in, and best of all – enjoy the rest of the city.

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