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Paying homage to the world’s best martial artist – Bruce Lee’s burial site, Seattle, Washington, United States

Posted by on September 10, 2011
Bruce Lee in a movie getting ready to fight and beat a group of fighters

Bruce Lee in a movie

Yes, it’s another tourist thing to do but everyone’s seen the Bruce Lee movies, right? The quick hands and feet laying down a furious barrage of attacks so fast, agile, and powerful to knock people down with little ounces of energy? And yes, don’t forget the famous, “whaaaaaaaaa!” when he’s about to strike someone in the head. Yup, that’s him. The famous Bruce Lee! Then of course, you must visit his burial site since he and his son, Brandon Lee, another martial artist/actor who also died prematurely, are buried next to each other in a public graveyard. It’s important to note that this site is not a big tourist spot but an actual graveyard so have some respect for the dead. The site you want to go to is called Lincoln Graveyard, Seattle, Washington, which is in northern Seattle.

There is actually no map of where he’s buried but to find his grave it’s in the middle of the graveyard where there are some plants surrounding his burial site. His tombstone and burial site will look like this:

Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee burial site, Seattle, Washington

Distinct headstones mark Bruce and Brandon Lee's resting sites

I’m pretty sure that area is probably the only place where people bring flowers on a regular basis. But in conclusion, I think it’s a neat site that his is easily accessible to the public compared to a lot of royalty and famous people being entombed in places secured with lock and key along with barbed-wired fences that resemble that a prison to keep corpses in. At least, people have ease of access and the best part is, he won’t come out of the ground and give you a chop to the face like he did with many bad guys in the movies he has been in!