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Watching baseball fans fight each other at a San Francisco Giants home game vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Posted by on September 27, 2011

I noticed that baseball season is coming to an end and the funny part about all of it was that I didn’t watch a single game! I didn’t know that the season was shortly closing for the regular scheduled games until someone told me that he and his family went to the last home game for the Oakland A’s. I have to admit that I was a big fan of the A’s baseball team but over the years, I just stopped caring about all professional sports. I mean I’ve gone to several games for all types of pro sports but I think I went to them for another reason which was not watch the players.

The best part about going to sports games was seeing how stupid people get at these events. How they trash talk about each other’s teams by saying how much better their team is, how their team beat the other team last time, etc. I’m always amazed on how much stupid stuff they say and do because these people aren’t playing in the game itself and have to scream at each other just to prove how their team has the bigger dick than the other. If you think about it, this whole thing is really idiotic which is why it makes it so great to go to the games themselves to watch these die-hard fans fight it out and then get put in handcuffs to be finally escorted by police to jail. All for the enjoyment of other fans who get to see physical action take place within paces of themselves rather than stare at the players from a far distance. Another reason why I stopped following pro sports; why watch the players play when you can check out the big fights within the crowds? It’s more up-in-your-face action than on the field/court could ever provide!

Soccer Football fans fighting in the streetsIt was during one mild summer night that I went to San Francisco to go watch the Giants baseball team play against their arch-rival nemesis, the Los Angeles Dodgers, where I had the best time watching fans fight. More than one occasion in fact at one game and very close to me! There was this Dodgers fan making comments on how the Giants were losing, irking all the Giants fans all around him. Then this one Giants fan splashed an entire beer onto him, took his hat, and flung it elsewhere. That’s when the punches started flying and even some other Giants fans got some cheap shots in by punching the Dodger fan since they overwhelmed him with numbers. Eventually, the police came in and arrested the four men who started the whole thing but to me that was the best part of the game. In fact, that’s all I remember from that game as most games I’ve gone to, I don’t remember very much from all of them as the memories are basically fleeting, never concrete.

Hell, you watch all the fan fights you want on youtube. I’m pretty most fans would agree that they remember more from that fight than they do about the game itself. And it doesn’t have to be fans fighting each other to do stupid stuff either. One time I was a basketball game watching the Golden State Warriors play and then I noticed a kid on the court parading like a flamboyant idiot. “Hey, guys, I’m on TV! Look at me! I’m on the basketball court!” That’s when I realized that was the same guy who sat in front of me 15 minutes ago!! What’s he thinking doing on court? That’s a quick trip to prison for the night!

2 fans fighting in the stands over something stupidFor me, it’s not about going to the games to watch the professionals play for entertainment. You go to the games to watch other people do stupid things for entertainment. And it doesn’t just happen in the US. It can happen all over the world! Just watch the hooligans in England, streakers in Europe, diehard hockey fans fighting players, huge fights between mobs of soccer (football for outside the US) fans in South America, even fights breaking out during a Tennis match, etc. I always liked going to the games to watch the fans do stupid stuff because generally this stuff is not televised on TV. I was at a hockey game and 2 guys started to fight each other right behind my seat only to get gang-tackled by the police.

I have to agree with this equation whole heartily:

Fans = Fun

Despite how stupid that might sound.

If you ever go to Brazil or Argentina, go to a soccer game and you’ll see what real fans should look and act like! I’ve been to one so if you want to know more about my experience at one of the games, go to my old posts of me going to one of these games.

On a side note to all of this, I’ve read that fans in the old Roman times were much, much more brutal. Gladiator fights and chariot races were very much more bloodthirsty that huge sways of fans would duke it out in the stands resulting in numerous deaths. The Byzantine Empire’s Nika Riots back in AD 532 had such a massive death kill total numbering in the thousands in its capital of Constantinople that it took days to put down the riots when it looked like Emperor Justinian I almost lost his throne. All in all, most people think of today’s fan violence as being extreme…I don’t think so. The olden times were much more deadlier and crazier. It appears that today’s fans have more antics which are true to a certain extent – they’re more readily recorded, televised, and shown around the world via electronic media showing how violent human beings can be despite not participating in the sport itself.stupid football fan holding sign saying I'm a Moron

Ah, yes, the absurdity of sports.

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