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Trying to hit on an Australian girl in Colombia

Posted by on October 6, 2011

Yes, yes. I am a man after all. I did try this one time in Colombia of all places in my attempt to sweet-talk a nice, good-looking blond girl from Perth, Australia. I can’t remember her name. I think it was Jaime or Jessie, but I met her during the scuba diving trip while in Colombia. I had been diving with this group for awhile and then I saw this blond girl about my height who was just standing around waiting for the dive boat to get in the water. I decided, “ah, what the hell….let’s start talking to her.” And so I did. At first, she was surprised that I spoke English and instantly knew that I was from America with my accent. Upon hearing her talk, I could tell that she was Australian from her accent. We were chatting around waiting but didn’t do much once the boat got ready and we all jumped in. I didn’t get to interact with her too much during the diving sessions but after we got back, I headed off to go eat dinner which was when I saw her again.

I invited her to sit down with me to eat at this great beach-side restaurant (awesome location – basically eating on the beach) and we must have talked for almost 2 hours just chilling out and having fun exchanging stories. But after all that time, I realized that I wasn’t going anywhere with her. I think it has to do with her status being higher than mine at that time meaning she was a Divemaster and I was just a lowly Advanced Open Water diver. Well, at least I tried of all the places you could think of. Later on, I asked another Australian, a guy named Rodney, were Australian girls this hard? He just laughed and replied in his Aussie accent, “go with the Colombian girls, not the Aussies, mate; trust me on this one. You’re in Colombia, not Australia, for god’s sake!” And so I did. One of the guys invited me to go downtown with him to hit on the Colombian girls in the clubs so I decided why not? I’ll take Rodney’s advice and go with it.


Heed good advice from others so you don't have to smack your head

Maybe when I’m in Australia, I’ll try the hitting on Australian girls tactic again just for kicks and out of curiosity. But the lesson learned here from this is that when you want to go after a certain girl, make sure your status is higher than hers particularly when it comes to a certain activity. If she’s a guitar player, make sure you play better than her. If she’s a surfer, surf better than her. And if she’s a diver, dive more and be at a higher rank than her. I can tell you that she won’t like dragging around a guy who doesn’t know anything and bumbles around like a complete fool. Most girls like to be led, not lead themselves.

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