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Scuba diving in Marbella, Spain’s Costa del Sol

Posted by on October 29, 2011

With a couple of dives under my belt in Gibraltar, it was time to get my dives done on the mainland of Spain instead of doing it from an island. Technically I would be able to call this my actual first European dive but whatever the case might be it all diving which was one of the big attractive reasons why I wanted to go to Costa del Sol. Back to Marbella (pronounced Mar-be-ya), the mainland. I mean you can’t beat great weather, great food, attractive looking women, relaxing atmosphere, and plenty of great activities to do fun stuff!

The only problem with this dive was that the waters didn’t cooperate so well making visibility difficult to get any great photos. Apparently, I came at the wrong period of time as there was some swells in the waves making it difficult to go diving. I remember being told that I might be able to get one dive in and that was it – all depending on the conditions. I know that sounds odd with such great the weather – the sun was out shining and there wasn’t much wind, but it’s what happens underwater that gives more consideration. What affects the underwater world are waves and currents that were being formed miles away, all the way from Africa so you can imagine how much force can start coming in when it finally gets to Spain’s coast where all the divers are at.

Bad water conditions for diving, Marbella, Spain

Bad water conditions for diving but still, I was diving

But nevertheless, I had to try it out and see for myself. I went to the same big dive shop where I arrived to do the Gibraltar dive trip and got geared up. Once everything was set, I got on one of the boats where the divemaster told me where we’d be going, how long, what to do in trouble, what to see, safety briefing, etc. He said we’d try it here and give it a go. And sure enough, it was hard to see in some places but clear in some protected places. But a dive is a dive even if we’re only going once!

Rock, snail while diving in Marbella, Spain

I had to get real up close for everything just to take any clear pictures in the water conditions I was in

Sculpin/scorpion fish while diving in Marbella, Spain

This fish looked like a sculpin also known as a scorpion fish back home in the US

Statue underwater while diving in Marbella, Spain

I don't know who put that there but a neat looking statue underwater

I spotted two interesting animals near the end of the dive. There was this small fish hanging out in this hole by itself – I don’t know what it was doing but I guess it just hanging out for the moment and awaiting to eat something that came its way.

Small red fish hanging out while diving in Marbella, Spain

Small fish hanging out

The second thing I saw was this octopus holed in its nice little home amongst the seaweed.

Octopus in the midst of seaweed and shells while diving in Marbella, Spain

Can you see the octopus?