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Empty movie theaters?

Posted by on October 21, 2011

Just as I wrote about not watching as many movies as I did in the past, I came upon this article on

Why Movie Watchers Are Abandoning the Multiplex (new window will open for link)

The author goes into detail why it’s not because of high ticket prices, bad economy, or bad movie content but rather just that, well, there’s tons of substitutes/alternatives widely available, starting with high definition TVs that appear to be in every person’s home now. With new releases starting to be readily available months or even weeks after its initial release on cable TV as pay-per-views or maybe even as DVDs (and some might argue that illegal copies/pirating can also contribute to this as well), so why bother going to the theater paying $15 for a crappy seat with a baby crying nearby non-stop, people who won’t shut up because they don’t get the plot, and/or a cell phone ringing off on a Justin Bieber tune?

And by the way, the concessions stand isn’t cheap either with prices for a box of milk duds for $5-6. Or how about $10 popcorn? Just know that theaters charge arm-and-leg prices as that’s the only way they can make money since the movie industry generally takes a big cut off of every ticket sold (upwards of 50% or higher sometimes) and not based on profit. This means that theaters have to sell food and drink in order to recoup some profit.

As for me? I just have a different mindset why I don’t go at all. Got other things to do than sit in a seat for 1-3 hours picturing myself to be in the main character’s shoes and do and feel what he does on the silver screen. Basically a fantasy and probably worse, a fading future memory which I’ll have no big recollection of due to the fact that it wasn’t me actually doing it. I was watching someone else even though it was fun to follow along. Hopefully, I had some friends along so that way we were hanging out, in silence.