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Consider buying travel insurance prior to traveling

Posted by on October 23, 2011
Injured arm; broken arm in a cast

It would suck if you got one of these while in the middle in the jungle and didn't have insurance that covered it!

I highly encourage people who are going on long trips especially abroad to purchase travel insurance. In fact, in certain trips, I had to show proof of travel insurance prior to going to survival school. I think it’s more important to have it if you’re crossing into foreign countries to where your current insurance policies might not cover you in the event of an accident or situation in a different country other than your home nation. Just know that it can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to conduct an evacuation out of a foreign country with little infrastructure and/or capable vehicles. You probably don’t want to be stuck with such a bill if something like that happened! Just imagine if you didn’t have travel insurance and you happen to be in the wrong place, wrong time of a street shooting where you got capped in the ass. Now you got a bullet wound where you can’t sit down to take a shit because the pain is too much and the hospital won’t help you without lots of cash or insurance. And the big thing here is this: money. If you need help and don’t have insurance covering it, you’ll end up paying for it and in a big way!

One site I like using that is convenient for me is using this site: world nomads. I never had to make a claim but it definitely calms knowing that I have it.

It’s up to you to conduct the research and choose which one to utilize for your own purposes since I’ve also used other travel insurance companies.

I also highly recommend having diving insurance if you’re going on a scuba diving and/or snorkeling trip. You never know what might happen out there especially if something happens in the water where water-related injuries require a different type of assistance. Take for example, the bends – you’ll need a hyperbaric chamber and you’ll need one as soon as possible to prevent further injury or even death. That’s why I recommend DAN: Diver Assistance Network. I’ve had this diving insurance for years now but never had any water-related problems, but I dive with confidence every time I go in the water especially in a foreign country! Because I know I’m going to be covered in the case of an underwater shooting and I got a bullet in my ass – I don’t want to pay big bucks out of my ass just to get that round out of my ass!

Divers Alert Network (DAN):