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Why do men have to play video games? Is it cheaper and better than going on a date? 50 reasons why men prefer video games over girls

Posted by on November 13, 2011

I’m sure in regards to the “Why men have to watch sports” post I put up – there’s something else out there that has to pose this question of:

Why do men have to play video games?

modern warfare 3 screenshot, juego de video

Better than the real world for a lot of people

I’ve actually thought of this question before (and not just in the last post) because in the past, I too once was a big-time video game player, not a hardcore one, but a casual one. I can say that I did in fact spent quite a bit of my money, time, and energy focused in front of a screen of a computer or TV. What can I say? It’s addictive to say the least – all of my problems in the world disappeared in the realm of video games, the so-called digital world. The only problems I had were of the main character in the game, making sure that I didn’t lose all of his health, slayed the bad guys, saved the princess, and beat the game (meaning the end boss). That’s all that mattered to me since I didn’t physically suffer from any of the hits, sickness, wounds sustained in any of the digital battles myself my character went through. I didn’t go through the pain even though my life bar was at 1/4 full.

lara croft tomb raider realistic woman

For a lot of guys, this digital edition of a girl is better than the ones (especially ugly and plain looking ones) in real life. No, seriously.

And what makes video games even more addictive is the sheer amount of stunning detail each and every video game that comes out with every passing day. From the fine details of every person’s face to the environment like the trees and rocks and buildings, it almost looks as if video games have emulated real life altogether. Some might argue that this digital world is more exciting and amazing than a normal person’s life and for some people, it has already replaced it. Even the girls that not are real but more life-like and even better looking are replacing those in the real life. Why go after the real thing that’s not so great looking when they get something far better than perfect. This even spreads into the real world that life is just better in the video game world that many people end up virtually living in it. It’s as if it’s the new drug of choice and in vogue. Look at the facts about how several people have already died from sitting at a computer or video game console for too long while playing for days without end, non-stop. Some video gamers play at least 10-14 hours a day and they’re not even professional players! They’re so enthralled with it that real life is what they’d consider boring since now they can pretend to be a giant ogre, sword-slashing knight, hardcore spec ops soldier, etc.

world of warcraft screenshot

For some people, this digital world has already replaced real life experiences and relationships since being an elf is easier than being a human being.

But the main reason why a lot of guys play video games because it’s damn fun to do so. That’s basically it. I’ve read of guys who play games because in essence it’s cheaper to do than to go on a date. The stuff that these guys state has a lot of valid reason:

To play video games:

+$250 for Xbox

+$50 for video game

Total = $300

To go on a typical date (especially a first date):

+$10 for gift to date

+$20 for gas money (she ain’t walking and will want to go someplace “nice”)

+$100 for dinner for two

+$40 for movie tickets for two

Total = $150

The math appears to favor the date but one major thing to note is that a guy can continuously play the Xbox without any further cost to his wallet. The date is only for one date meaning the guy has to continuously keep pumping out cash to appease his date and what makes it worse is if it’s another first date, he’ll have to spend more. So basically, the more he plays, the more it’s cost effective (the cost is nil – he already spent the money), but the more he dates, the more it costs.

That’s a lot of money right there just for dates especially when it involves the variety kind of going out with multiple girls that may or may not “put out” like a lot of people like to say. At least with video games, a guy can “cheat” on a video game by going out and buying another one. He won’t bear any wrath or jealously from the first one – they will all just sit around waiting their turn to get played again.

And here’s the kicker I got that might be offensive to a lot of people particularly women: some men derive more pleasure from video games than they do by being with a girl.

starcraft 2 screenshot

Did you know that there actually is a real professional league for this game, Starcraft 2? People get paid to play this game!

There are forums and debates out there online such as “Girls vs Games: which is one better?,” “Reasons why video games are better than girls, ” “Why video games rule over girlfriends,” and many more.

There are even lists out there to enhance this big argument about why video games are better than girls:

1. They come with instructions

2. They let you cheat

3. You can borrow them from your friends or trade them around amongst friends

4. When you go to the mall you can actually pick one up

5. They look great as soon as you wake up in the morning (or anytime really)

6. They have a pause button

7. $50 is all you will ever have to spend on them

8. You can always get the hottest one

9. No shower, no problem

10. It’s okay to spend an evening alone with them along with a bucket of fried chicken or pizza and a 6 or 12 pack of beer or soda

11. You can go on “dates” in your underwear (or be naked)

12. Your mom won’t get mad if you’re in the room with the door shut

13. You get all of the pizza to yourself

14. All you have to do to make the relationship work is find a save point

15. You can ignore them for a week (or longer) without consequences

16. Your friends can watch

17. No matter how many times you mess up you can always try again

18. If you’re having problems with them, your friends will listen

19. You can actually get the ones in the magazines 

20. If you get bored (or if you’re out of money), you can trade them in for a new one or just sell them outright

21. They are always there – available, everywhere, and forever

22. Higher quality (let’s face it – not everyone can get a supermodel)

23. Don’t require chores/gifts such as flowers, back rubs, dinners, chocolates, vacations

24. Don’t get that “talk” about where the relationship is going

25. No more about “that time of the month again”

26. They don’t cheat on you

27. They’re more exciting

28. If you play one without its permission, you don’t go to jail

29. Even on the hardest difficulty levels, video games are easier to win over than girls (or just put it on the easiest mode to win)

30. You can always upgrade no matter what

31. Actually feel great when spending money on video games

32. Don’t have to worry about video games gaining weight (or pregnant or getting STDs)

33. Can turn video games “ON” generally with the first try (typically one second)

34. Always within arms reach when needed or wanted

35. It’s okay to have some “alone time” when wanted

36. Only time you have to compete with other men is during online play

37. Don’t have to pay child support or alimony EVER (or get subjected to double standards)

38. You can be a rookie and still “score”

39. Volume adjuster (’nuff said)

40. It’s always a different experience – different characters, storyline, environment, etc.

41. No mood or hormonal changes

42. “Feels” right

43. No whining, complaining, or bitching

44. No questions about “Does this shirt/pants/dress make me look fat?”

45. Don’t have to drive somewhere especially in the cold or someplace really loud or irritating

46. No talk about marriage or about that $500,000 wedding, $250,000 wedding ring, $2 million house in the suburbs

47. Don’t have to worry about some guy trying to seduce it – the only time you have to deal with other men is online

48. Can meet other like-minded people such as other guys and girls easily through on-line games

49. Won’t care about your job, bank account, what type of car you drive, or if have a great job

50. They don’t get mad if you decide to look at porn, other women, movies, and best of all – if you decide to date a ‘real’ girl, they’ll always be there for you while not being jealous at all

By no means am I advocating that video games are better than girls or girls are better than video games. I’m merely stating the facts of what’s out there in the world.

I, myself, don’t have a video game console as I would prefer the real world than living a computer program. I feel that the pains, suffering, success, and happiness is better derived by feeling it and living it than to be confined to what a computer system and a TV screen can produce for my eyes and brain. I suppose I would play video games too (or be at least plugged in) at a 24/7/365 rate if the feelings and memories were so real that I could taste, touch, smell, listen, see, and have such great stories to tell afterwards. Then again, that would probably be the end of human life as we know it since there would be no need to live in the real world since being plugged in would be better and ultimately the end game of human kind. Is that the direction people as a species is headed? It sure looks that way if technology becomes that great, but that’s not my decision to make yet.

plugged in; movie Surrogates with Bruce Willis

If life could be replaced entirely by the digital world simply by plugging in, why would anyone want to go out into the real world? Technology might get there in time. Just insert the feeding tube with it so I can also live the ultimate cinematic experience.


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