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Scuba dives in Cozumel, Mexico; it’s a diving paradise trip! Day 1

Posted by on November 15, 2011

mexico flag, banderaMillions of North Americans go to Mexico each year in order to visit some of its nicest places within a short plane trip down south from USA or Canada. Such places are generally resort areas such as Cabo, Acapulco, Cancun, Ixtapa, etc. Many young men and women, typically college students or young adults, go off to Mexico on these so-called spring break vacations to party it up like there’s no tomorrow. Generally, booze, sex, and drugs are involved. The drugs part I’m want no part of it; then again I want none of any of it because the potential trouble, regardless of any any bit of it being very minuscule, will not be worth it. And then you have another group of tourists that visit Mexico which are the cruise ship passengers that stop in port towns like Cozumel, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta. These are the generally the one-day stop-over and the totally-obvious tourist-looking people hanging out in these areas with their Hawaiian shirts, flip-flops or sandals, cameras, and willing to spend money on over-priced items in the tourist zone while speaking loud, annoying English. You know who you are!!! I’ve seen plenty of them, probably too many of them.

And lastly, there is another group of travelers that will go down to Mexico and they are the sporty types that need to jump in the water and see the sights underwater. I’m talking about the scuba divers! That’s me! I’m one of them. I went off to Cozumel, Mexico on the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula where both the water and the temperature are warm and pleasant and of course, the people are friendly to help anyone! Make sure you also bring your Spanish speaking skills to get even better service. English is fine since most of the people in Cozumel are used to tourist English speakers.

Map of where Cozumel is, Source:

Before I went, I’ve heard of many great things about Cozumel, Mexico, from not only just word of mouth but also from videos, books, and magazines. It irritated me to the point where I decided that I had to do this trip and see it for myself. Sure, I could go on to some website and watch the videos of scuba divers, but it’s just not the same. I have to feel and experience it for myself. Off to Cozumel! And wow, what a time to remember! I know that these pictures do not do any kind of justice, but here are some for your viewing pleasure of what I saw underwater.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - fish swimming in blue water, bucear/buceo en el agua azul - peces

Fish swimming around the rocks, plants, and coral - the water is so blue in Cozumel.

The agency that I made my reservation is this company: Dive Paradise.

It has a great cast of people who are more than willing to take care of your diving experience. I recommend this company for diving in Cozumel but it’s up to you to make the decision to go or not. If you need diving certifications, there are dive instructors/masters/guides that can provide the training available for you although I’m not sure how good they are as I already possess a Master Scuba Diver rating with PADI. But best of all is that they can also setup the hotel accommodations with diving so you’re only worried about having a good time.

buceo, bucear, Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - purple coral

Purple coral in clean, clear water.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - 2 spiny lobsters trying to hide, langostas, buceo, bucear

Plenty of lobsters to look at down in the water.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - colorful coral, colores, buceo

There are a lot of amazing colors underwater in Mexico.

But don’t just look at the bright colors because nature will do its best to fool you in order to survive in the wild. You have to be in the lookout for naturally camouflaged creatures as well.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Camouflaged flatfish, buceo, bucear, pez en el agua

If you look closely, you'll see something very interesting just based on the outline of it...

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Toadfish, pez extrano, bucear, abajo de roca

This fish is called a Toadfish and I didn't see it until the divemaster pointed it out.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Sea horse on a plant, buceo, bucear, el caballito de mar

I had to do a double-take because I couldn't believe that this was a sea-horse attached on a sea plant.

And of course, sometimes you don’t need a divemaster or guide to point out the obvious.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - between rocks of a hole, entre rocas en el agua, buceo

These gaps might not be spectular to look at but it's around them that have something interesting to look at.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - Coral Crab, cangrejo en mar, buceo

The obvious is easy to spot if you're willing to move around in the water to look for interesting stuff such as this Coral Crab.

Cozumel, Mexico scuba diving - moral eel and fish, anguila del mar, buceo con peces

And of course, the exceptional, if you're willing to go diving in the first place! A yellow Moray Eel hanging out.

As I stated previously, this is an amazing place to go diving in. It’s a party, a paradise of sorts. Anyone can easily see anything amazing in these waters if he/she is willing to go in the underwater world of Cozumel, Mexico.

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