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Stop watching TV – it’s a waste of time to watch all those girly shows on anyway

Posted by on November 10, 2011

I didn’t include TV in the last post because I think the junk box requires an entire article on its own on how bad TV is and it really doesn’t matter how much passive entertainment you consume by sitting there. A lot of people believe that’s how you’re supposed to live your life – by sitting back and letting the flow of digital entertainment of images and emotions stream over you. Instead of putting yourself in danger, psychologically and physically, the TV screen and its stories and characters can do that for you. In essence, you live vicariously through the characters on the screen for however long you desire.

From just a few minutes, a few hours, or many hours – they are all bad! Besides, there’s nothing out there I would want to watch even if I had cable television or free television. I have own life to live and in my opinion, all of it is crap. Many times I don’t even remember what I saw on TV and yet, I can remember a lot of things that did happen to me while traveling. That’s all TV does – is replace your memories with theirs.

Even the movies nowadays are pretty bad. I don’t even go out to the theaters anymore since they either suck, too expensive, or in 3-4 months be put out on DVD/cable TV. Even this website 5 Hollywood Secrets That Explain Why So Many Movies Suck can rightfully explain the downward fall of modern-day movies. The article explains why so many re-makes, the need to capture all market segments (internationally and all genders/age groups if possible) so there’s no more great story telling, potential movie projects being scrapped, trying to beat the ratings system, and of course, making the money a big merchandising prospect (companies often make more money off of this segment than selling movie tickets). Whether these aspects are true or not, it does nothing in my opinion that movies today suck.

Bedroom with TV in background, cuarto con television

It seems like every bedroom in the Western World has a TV

And don’t get me started with TV…. with all the TV shows out there in the entertainment world today are nothing but girly-girl shows on. Why in the world would I, as a straight guy, want to watch all these girly, feminized shows which is all there is out there. Chick shows. Shows for women and girls and maybe even gay men. I can’t stand watching that stuff.  Men don’t watch that stuff. Complete garbage that’s not even entertaining. I, myself, do not own a TV set as I realized how much of time-drainer piece of crap it was. But worse of all was getting this feeling of being tired and depressed after watching TV since everything is over-hyped and sensationalized to where it makes your time dull and boring compared to its lavish, high-speed programming. All of it is trash meant for the typical consumer to readily and easily consume the program and advertising.

Don’t believe me? It’s all about high-status females that either write/produce the show or they are about the show:

American Idol

Desperate Housewives

Grey’s Anatomy


Cougar Town

Jersey Shore

And every reality show out there like those under 18 and pregnant reality shows or dating shows which are not actual protrayals of life.

I have nothing against female writers or viewers but they tend to make the shows and movies really, really gay which is why shows like above are filled up with utter crap that you probably won’t remember about years, months, or hell even weeks later. (Then again, that’s like all TV shows and probably movies). If you ended up watching all these TV shows, that’s a lot of hours you’ve spent in front of the idiot box. There’s a reason why it’s called that – it makes you stupider, dumber, more idiotic. No, really it does. It also tends to make people fatter and more depressed. There’s nothing really worth watching anyways. That’s why I prefer doing things in real life.

Real life experiences are better memory makers and you’ll remember more about them if they were memorable versus what was iconic on TV. Here’s another thing that most people don’t seem to understand about TV – it’s not real! Whatever happened on TV generally does not happen in real life. As I said before, over-dramatized! But people seem to take it that way that everyone is good-looking without working hard and everything will go well in the end without doing any kind of meaningful work. That results in lost productive work especially when people realize that their own lives are not so great like the ones on the silver screen and TV merely replaces those real ones with fake experiences. I always laugh when people go to work or school and can only talk about what they “saw” last night rather than what they “did” last night. Talk about lost time!

What do I mean by lost time? Well, it’s just that an average person in the US will watch TV about 126 hours a month. That comes out to be 1512 hours a year which comes to be 108,864 hours in a lifetime!!! Imagine what you could have been doing if you spent that time doing something else? You could have talked to more people of the opposite sex! And even if you weren’t lucky with all of them, you would have at least some kind of relationship, being more friendly or better connected with them. And even if you weren’t into meeting other people, you could have learned certain skills like playing the guitar or riding a motorcycle. Or better yet, how about you taking the first step in trying to setup that side business that you’ve always wanted to so you can get some extra income rolling in! Stuff that is real and not something you watch. But the more you watch, it seems like that’s what life is supposed to be like or what you’re supposed to do is watch, watch, and watch.

One issue I’ve learned from one anti-TV website is something called the beautiful people syndrome where you believe everyone in the world is good looking and then you stop watching and walk out into the REAL world. That’s when something unusual hits you that you start getting post-traumatic television syndrome. The world is not so great as it was on TV thus impairing your ability to do anything real and worthwhile. That in effect will not help you in your quest to becoming a better person (if that’s your goal).

The very worst thing why TV was invented was to prevent you from developing your very own goals in life and become one of “them” also known as sheeple. Sheeple are known to take in anything the media throws at them. It’s like a drug but also a necessity at the same time. It’s good to a certain point but it quickly develops diminishing returns as it prevents you from having a satisfied life as it inputs into your brain status and wealth symbols of stuff you don’t need but have to have by borrowing another person’s agenda as your own (what I mean by this is that you’ll think of yourself as one of the characters hoping to fight off bad guys, win the girl, and get the happy ending), and worse of all it makes you do nothing. You just sit there and just take it all in, whether it’s good or bad TV programming and chances are you might not even remember what you saw years later. TV is a fleeting experience as it comes and goes and very few TV/movie moments ever get to stick with you for life. If you wondered why time goes by fast and you don’t remember what exactly you did that was significant, it was probably that TV time you had which you could have done something else.

Then again the drug of TV is a hard one to break away…

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