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Don’t play too many video games – you’re going to regret that addiction as a big time waster

Posted by on November 12, 2011

In my last posting, it was about sports and why men need to watch… and now, if certain people cannot get their fix from sports, they turn to video games. As a kid, I used to be emotionally invested in both. I loved watching sports as well as playing video games, but now, not so much. Sure, I enjoy playing sports (not watching them, that’s why we have instant news coverage such as ESPN where I get just the highlights if I want) but when it comes to sitting down in front of a screen playing games, I find it hard to do so because I ask myself this question:

Why waste away the life given playing video games? I can do the real thing if I really I want to!

Playing video games should be really considered an epidemic of sorts since studies have shown that it makes people unhappier and more depressed than ever before. Isn’t it weird how people in the Western World are suffering more from mental diseases than in third-world countries? Maybe when given more opportunities people don’t know what to do with them but yet, it’s still quite a statistic.

nazi zombie zombi

Yeah, I know, shooting these things all night, every night, is a lot of fun to do with friends (that you've never met in person) on-line. But still, there could be other things to do.

I can reason that playing some video games to blow off steam is okay. Playing games at the carnival or arcade while hanging out with friends is okay. But going for hours and hours for months and even years with no end holed up in your house with the same game over and over? Very bad idea. I mean unless you’re a video game reviewer or professional video game player or training to be one, the investment of time and energy would be far better off placed elsewhere. That time spent on that game is time lost out forever. I know that it’s fun blowing off the heads of Nazi zombies with your on-line buddies that you’ve never met personally in real life… but…

Remember that all games are a substitute for life and not life itself. Ask every dead-broke, retired professional athlete and you’ll see what I am talking about. They thought that their lives and lifestyle would never end but there has to be an end. That’s how life works. And that’s when reality hit them – there was no transitional time put in place (or any consideration and pre-planning about it). That’s when they realize that they are used up athletes all used up for show. No one absolutely cares.

That’s why real life is too important to disregard. As I’ve written before, the real thing will be more memorable than the ones you had in a video game or what you’ve seen in a movie. I cannot tell you the exact details of what I did in this video game to catch this one fish.

fishing video game, small mouth bass, juego de video de pescar, pez

Catching a Smallmouth Bass in a video game cannot compare...

However, I can tell you much in better clarity about what I did to land this one fish.

Fishing and catching a Ling Cod, pescar y atrapar un pez en California, Pacifico Ocean catching the real thing, a real fish!

Don’t let the video addiction/world suck you in. Instead, travel the world in your eyes, your own body, and reap the rewards. Live in the reality that way your perspective on the world is not warped in anyway. Then again, I’m sure there are many who wish to hide in the warm comforts of the digital world…